100T Nitr0 opens up about the "run and gun Frenzy meta" in Valorant pistol rounds

100 Thieves Valorant player Nicholas “Nitr0” Cannella recently opened up about the state of the run and gun meta using the Frenzy during pistol rounds.

The run and gun meta has been a problem in Valorant for quite a while. Some players prefer to utilize the run and gun mechanic, instead of strategizing and executing proper teamwork.


Riot Games have implemented changes to reduce the amount of run and gun that the game sees, however, the Frenzy remains unaffected. According to Nitr0, pistol rounds have become more run and gun-oriented than he ever imagined, all because of the Frenzy.

100 Thieves Nitr0 on run and gun frenzy meta in valorant pistol rounds

Nicholas “Nitr0” Cannella has been representing 100 Thieves since 2020. Nitr0, along with his team, won the Valorant First Strike North America last year and came in third at the JBL Quantum cup.

On 13th February, Nitr0 tweeted about the issue of players constantly utilizing the Frenzy to run and gun during the Valorant Pistol rounds.

Matthew “Wedid” Suchan, a Valorant player for XSET, replied to Nitr0 speaking about the issue. He suggested that the problem could be solved by pricing the Frenzy equal to the Ghost. He further added that ghost should be cheaper, but have a bigger spread when spamming.

The Frenzy cost 400 credits in-game, while the ghost cost 500 credits. Since a team begins a round with 800 credits, factoring the prices of armors and abilities, oftentimes, the game nudges players towards picking up a Frenzy.

With the current pricing, a player can buy light body armor alongside the Frenzy. Increasing the price will result in the player not being able to afford both light body armor and the Frenzy. That small change increases the risk of using run and gun tactics, and it makes the reward not worth it.

It would be certainly interesting to see how Riot Games addresses the issues in upcoming patches.

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