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Valorant patch 2.02 says goodbye to “run and gun” for good

Valorant patch 2.02 says goodbye to “Run and Gun” for good(Image via Riot)
Valorant patch 2.02 says goodbye to “Run and Gun” for good(Image via Riot)
Modified 02 Feb 2021

Valorant patch 2.02 just landed, and brought with it some exciting changes to the game.

Earlier today Valorant Leaks, confirmed that it’s patch day.

For detailed information, check out the patch notes.

With all the other exciting news, there’s one that stands out more than others. ‘Run and gun’ in Valorant has always been one of the core issues of the game. Players all over the world have complained about the matter, and finally, it is getting addressed by Riot.

Here’s what is known about the rifle changes in Valorant patch 2.02

Right after the patch notes were released, the data miner came out with a barrage of tweets. The highlight of one of them being the different values tweaked by Riot that affect shooting while running.

Among all the numbers, the following three are the important ones:

  • Running Error: Running error across all rifles has been increased from 3.75 to 5, resulting in a staggering 33% increase.
  • Walking Error: Walking error across all rifles has been increased by 37.5%, changing it from 0.8 to 1.1.
  • Crouch-moving Error: Crouch-moving error has been hit the hardest, as it witnessed an increase of 167%. The error has been set from 0.3 to 0.8.

Future opportunities

With these nerfs to run and gun, it will certainly be harder to connect shots like before. But, it is not impossible. With timed movements and good aim, players can still connect shots while running.

Professional Valorant player ScreaM, just yesterday, expressed his feelings about the game’s shooting mechanics. With this, at least he can be somewhat reassured about Riot’s commitment towards its players.

Due to the update, it will certainly be harder for new players to switch to the game from the Battle Royale genre. Players in that particular genre are too used to the ‘run and gun’ mechanics. Valorant meanwhile, aims at refining its shooting mechanics more and raising its skill cap.

Published 02 Feb 2021, 21:25 IST
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