5 best agents for attacking on Icebox in Valorant (& 5 for defending on Icebox)

Best agents for Icebox (Image via Riot Games)
Best agents for Icebox (Image via Riot Games)
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Episode 4 Act 3 is live in Valorant, and it already offers a total of 18 agents for players to choose from. Icebox is the only snow map in Valorant, and it provides a lot of verticality and a ton of angles that players need to check and clear to take control of the sites.

These intricacies on the map in Valorant make some agents more optimal than others. The best heroes and meta must be known to players to secure an advantage in competitive matches. Icebox is a tricky map, and as such, agents should be chosen wisely to not be outplayed by the enemies.

Five agents for attacking on Icebox in Valorant

1) Omen


Omen is undoubtedly one of the best controllers for the Icebox map in Valorant. Omen stands apart from other agents due to his abilities which can be used to honeytrap enemies.

Especially his global smoke, which can be used to prepare entry routes and confuse enemies. The ability to teleport on top of ramps and other places makes it easy to catch opponents off guard.

Omen can always scout ahead, proving valuable information to his teammates, or plant a spike on the other side with his ultimate.

2) Jett


Jett is a duelist in Valorant, and the Icebox map suits her abilities perfectly with her being able to pull off crazy maneuvers to outplay enemies.

When combined with a sniper rifle, her dashing ability is a great way to avoid a trade-off and get an advantage early in the round.

Jett is a must-pick in Icebox. Her ability to sprint in all directions, even while in the air, is sensational. Jett players can use vantage points to their advantage. An experienced sniper player with Jett can easily overpower opponents on this map.

3) Sova


Sova is the perfect reconnaissance agent for this map in Valorant, using his ability to seek out hidden enemies.

With his recon and shock dart lineups, Sova is almost doubly as effective in Icebox. He can even use his Ultimate for post-plant scenarios.

4) Reyna


Reyna is also an excellent choice for duelist mains in Valorant.

Her abilities, such as dismissal and leer, allow her to gain entry frags and snowball in the round with some good luck.

5) Raze


Raze can utilize Icebox’s verticality with her blast packs providing ideal vantage points.

Raze can be used as a hyper-aggressive duelist to gain entry into sites and overwhelm the enemy with her firepower.

Five agents for defending on Icebox in Valorant

1) Sage


Sage is one of the best sentinels for Icebox in Valorant. The Wall can also be used to gain an advantage over enemies, outplaying them by getting on top of it at times. It can also be used to lock down specific entry points from attackers.

The slow orbs help in delaying attackers from rushing in. Sage was also the first agent in the game with healing capabilities that could be used to heal herself. Sage is an excellent choice for her defensive capabilities, especially Icebox.

2) Viper


Even thinking about a team composition without Viper on Icebox in Valorant is almost suicidal. She has been a must-pick in professional-level games. Viper’s ability Toxic Screen is the one thing that makes her more effective on Icebox.

This ability makes it simpler for pushes to be executed and makes enemies hesitate before moving to one site. Her ultimate is the best way to hold down a site, especially after planting the spike.

3) Breach


Breach is an excellent agent for defending sites in Valorant. He is one of the most effective agents for protecting Icebox’s B site. For enemies to go to the B site on Icebox, they have to cross a tight choke point with two small lanes.

Breach can use this chokepoint very effectively, using the abilities he can faze and blind his opponents to gain an immense advantage. Breach can also stall the attackers with his ultimate, making enough time for his allies to rotate from the other site.

4) Killjoy


Icebox is undoubtedly a map where Killjoy can shine. While the agent isn't usually great at pushing sites, holding down sites with Killjoy is a treat.

By using her abilities, players can guard and inform when enemies enter a site. Killjoy can delay attackers' attempts to plant at a specific location or even when gaining entry.

5) Phoenix


Phoenix is a great agent when defending on Icebox. His abilities to create a wall of fire, molly spike sites, and blind opponents help delay the entry of attackers into either site.

His ultimate is always a game-changer, but it must be used judiciously and timed well.

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