Valorant Episode 4 Agent tier list: The top 5 duelists for Split

Best duelists for the Split map in Valorant (Image by Sportskeeda)
Best duelists for the Split map in Valorant (Image by Sportskeeda)

Duelists in Valorant play one of the most important roles. Not only does their aggressive entry takedown of one or two players from opposing teams give them an upper hand, it also helps in boosting the morale of the team.

A map like Split is known for having a lot of corners that need to be cleared out before entering a particular site. As a result, having the perfect duelist in the team is very important since it helps to assert dominance over the enemy team. The game offers six duelists for players to choose from at present.


Of course, the agent needs the help of initiators and controllers to make the job easier. But it's the duelists who set the flow for the team most of the time.

Here are the top 5 duelists for the Split map in Valorant Episode 4

Split is one of those maps in Valorant that has two sites for the plantation of the spike while offering multiple ways for rotation between the two sites. It does not have any portals like Bind, and requires the usage of controllers and initiators to execute plans properly.

However, every plan needs to be initiated by duelists most of the time. As a result, having the perfect agent is necessary to set the flow for the round. These are some of the best duelists, arranged in the order of tiers, for the Split map in the game for Episode 4:

  • Jett (S-Tier)
  • Raze (S-Tier)
  • Neon (A-Tier)
  • Reyna (B-Tier)
  • Yoru (C-Tier)

1) Jett (S-Tier)


Jett is one such agent that is suitable for almost every map available in Valorant. Being a duelist, she has the potential to maneuver a combination of her abilities to gain an upperhand on her enemies. For a map like Split, Jett has countless possibilities to outplay her opponents.

Her 'Updraft' ability often helps to gain an advantage vertically, making it difficult for enemies to take her down. She can also dash out of complex situations and in the moments after securing a kill using a sniper. Her ultimate 'Blade Storm' is also one of the best ultimates in the game.

Good Jett players have the potential to bring back eco rounds in their own favor if utilized properly.

2) Raze (S-Tier)


Raze comes right next to Jett and serves as an explosive threat to the opposition team. The abilities she has make her unpredictable in Split while allowing the entire team to clear angles at the same time.

Her Boombot can be used in different ways. It can either help to gather intel before entering a site or it helps to distract enemies before shooting them down. Her satchels allow her to move differently and aggressively and when combined with her ultimate, it becomes a nightmare for the opposition.

3) Neon (A-Tier)


Neon is the latest duelist to have been introduced to Valorant. While some of her abilities are similar to Phoenix, unlike him, she has quickly managed to become one of the best duelists for Split. She expertizes on a unique set of skills that allow her to stun her enemies and take control of a particular site.

Neon's 'Fast Lane', which has a Vision Blocker ability, allows her to instantly cast two walls of static electricity and quickly take control of either of the sites. While running and sliding into the site, she can even stun her opponents using 'Relay Bolt'.

Her ultimate 'Overdrive' equips herself with a damaging lightning beam and can be pretty annoying at times.

4) Reyna (B-Tier)


Reyna is yet another duelist in Valorant that often proves to be quite useful for the Split map. One of her unique abilities includes an 'eye' that acts like a flash and blinds opponents temporarily. This ability is used to get into a particular site, but some experienced players can slow it down by breaking it.

Her other abilities like dismissal and healing also help to secure or defend a site, depending upon the situation. She is one of the easiest agents to play and master but the player needs to have a sharp aim to utilize her at full potential.

5) Yoru (C-Tier)


The Japanese agent of Valorant, Yoru, has seen a massive rise in his pick rate after its rework. He has become quite useful if used correctly, and has become some kind of a secondary duelist in the game. He has strong potential to be one of the best duelists for the Split map.

Previously, his fake footsteps only gave away the sound. After the rework, a fake Yoru moves forward which flashes the enemy upon shooting it. Players can now combine and time his his fake footsteps, teleportation, and flash properly to easily take control of the site. Enemies often tend to get confused, but the strategy works like a charm.

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