Valorant Neon guide: How to play with the agent on Split

A guide to playing Valorant's new Duelist agent, Neon in Split (Image via Sportskeeda)
A guide to playing Valorant's new Duelist agent, Neon in Split (Image via Sportskeeda)

Neon is Valorant's latest agent to join the Duelist roster for Episode 4 Act 1 - Disruption.

Valorant's new Filipino agent will arrive with the Patch 4.0 update on January 11, 2022, with the new battlepass and in-game updates. Neon is known for her super-fast mobility and bioelectric-based powers that can take down enemies in no time.


Players can easily play aggressive with Neon, as she is a suitable pick for entry-frag, especially in a map like Split. But she can be aggressively good in defense as well, who can combat enemies, even before they can track her.

How to play Neon on Valorant's Split map?

Neon's ability toolkit supports her to play aggressively and knockdown enemies within a moment. She can make an entry frag super fast, which might become difficult for the enemies to resist. One can also play the defending rounds aggressively by killing the enemies instantly.

Split's A Rafters to A Main push

While attacking the A Site, many expect their opponents to be at A Ramps combating them. While they engage in clearing the A Ramps, the player can aggressively make Neon jump into the enemies from A Rafters to A Main.

However, before doing that, the player can throw Neon's Relay Bolt up in the air, facing towards the A Site's structure with a Kingdom logo. The player needs to place the ability HUD's in the down-left corner of the Logo. This lineup will make the nades drop exactly at A Main.

As soon as the nades drop there and concuss the enemies, Neon can rush with her ultimate and kill everyone present quickly. This will give enemies no time to react.


Split's Mid to B Site push

Neon can rush from Mid to B Main. The enemies often find this fast lurk difficult to resist. This can be done effectively with her ultimate, Overdrive. She needs to use her Fast Lane ability from Split's Mid Top and run to the Mid Bottom. She can slide easily towards the right to clear the B Link.

While doing so, the player can throw the concussion nades to stun the enemies present there, and easily knock them down.

Neon will still have another slide as her ultimate will be activated. She can easily rust to B Main and mow the enemies down, who are rushing to the B Site.

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