Top 5 best Reyna outplays and tricks in Valorant

5 Best Reyna outplays and tricks in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
5 Best Reyna outplays and tricks in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant players with aggressive playstyles and sharp aim have always held an advantage with the vampiric duelist Reyna in the game.

Valorant provides a vast pool of agents, ranging from duelists to sentinels. Agents can be picked depending on the playstyle. It's why players tend to master a specific agent to outdo others in Valorant.


Reyna has vampiric abilities, which feed off of her kill count. This makes the Mexican duelist agent a great choice for players to carry the team and get MVPs.

However, playing with Reyna in Valorant is not everyone’s cup of tea. The agent’s toolkit completely depends on the kills. It is essential to use her abilities wisely. Players can only stand out with the vampiric duelist by knowing certain tricks.

Top 5 Reyna outplays and tricks in Valorant

#5 - Play aggressive but avoid fights with multiple enemies at once

Reyna's Leer and Dismiss abilities allow players to play proactively in the game. Valorant player with the Reddit username, u/sk88fast, was seen doing the same.

The player has used Leer to rush into the B Site of Ascent along with his teammates. However, when the enemies started pushing against them, he didn't take a chance. He used the Dismiss ability to get away from them and hide. By doing this, he reduced the chances of getting himself killed in a fight against multiple enemies at once.

#4 - Use Dismiss to get behind the enemies

The agent's Dismiss ability allows players to hide by repositioning. It also helps get behind enemies. It helps the player gain an advantage during a fight.

A video posted by a Reddit user u/NotTiago1994 portrays the same. It shows how the player got behind the enemy Sage with Dismiss by consuming Jett’s soul orb.

#3 - Change the positioning of the Leer orb

Reyna's Leer ability does not depend on the kills. It can blind the enemies’ vision with an eye orb, but it is destructible. Placing the orb in the same position can often be a waste. Enemies can predict the position of the orb and destroy it instantly.


Players can change the orb’s placement vertically, which will make the enemies hard to predict. This trick is commonly used by Valorant pros like 100 Thieves’ Peter "Asuna" Mazuryk.

#2 - Commit both the Leer orbs

Using the Leer orbs consecutively at once can help distract enemies. This will allow players to get an enemy killed at that moment.


When the first Leer orb is placed, enemies will try to break it. However, placing another orb soon after that can confuse them. It will take time to place their crosshair on the orb. This way, it will create an opportunity for the players to get that enemy down.

#1 - Use Empress to win single-handedly

Reyna’s ultimate ability, Empress, increases the firing speed, equip and reload speed, drastically. This can put the player at an advantage by winning a 1v5 round in Valorant with ease.

Her ultimate ability refreshes after every kill, which makes it last longer. Moreover, using ultimate early in the round is great when players wish to play aggressively.


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