Valorant Episode 2 Act 3: Top 5 Agents for Competitive solo queue in Ascent

Top 5 Agents for competitive solo queue in Valorant
Top 5 Agents for competitive solo queue in Valorant's Ascent (Image via Riot Games)
Pratiti Dhang
Modified 04 May 2021
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Playing in a competitive solo queue, in Valorant’s Ascent can be easy with the right choice of agent.

Solo queue experience on the Ascent map can be tough in a competitive match. The competitive mode in Valorant classifies the players into a tiered ranked system that rewards the worthy.

The game provides a variety of agents. Although the new players have access to only 5 agents, they can unlock the rest by completing the contracts. These agents are classified into four groups - duelist, controller, sentinel and initiator. Every Valorant agent has a unique set of abilities.

In competitive mode, the rank is used to team up with players and match them against players of similar skill levels. Hence, along with picking the right agent, proper communication and cooperation are also required in Valorant.

Top 5 Valorant agents to climb solo queue competitive in Ascent

#5 - Sova

In Ascent, Sova is an effective initiator to play with. He is one of the most picked agents on this map, especially in competitive mode.

Ascent has the most wallbangable spots, hence, Sova’s ultimate ability, the Hunter’s Fury has a great utility in this Valorant map. Apart from that, the agent can find enemies’ position and feed information to the teammates.

#4 - Omen

Omen is best for his smoke ability. The controller can blind his enemies with his paranoia and smokes, which is great in this map. Omen can smoke in spots like A Rafters, B Market, and Mid Link in Ascent. It is easy to clutch with Omen in Ascent with his ultimate ability by teleporting to high ground, or to another site.

#3 - Killjoy

Killjoy’s turrets can distract enemies while planting a spike. Her ultimate lockdown ability covers the whole of both sites in Ascent, especially when on the attacking side.

Killjoy is the perfect pick for Ascent in a competitive solo queue in Valorant.

#2 - Jett

If a player is looking for a duelist to play with, in a solo competitive queue, then Jett is the best pick. She is best to play on both the sites of the map, along with mid. This agent allows the player to quickly go to the other site as well.

It is easy to play in Ascent with Jett’s fast movements and her vertical abilities, of course with a sharp aim.

#1 - Reyna

Another top duelist pick for Ascent is Reyna if the player has the potential to carry the team. If the player is willing to earn a Match MVP, Reyna is the go-to agent to play in Ascent.

Reyna is a terrifying agent in a solo competitive queue in Valorant. Her Leer ability can nearsight the opponents, which can help in a heavy push when on the attacking side. However, after the nerf, the right usage of her abilities is required to survive the game till the end.

Published 04 May 2021
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