100 Thieves' Asuna explains why Phantom is better than Vandal in Valorant

100T Asuna prefers Phantom over Vandal in Valorant (Image via 100T Asuna/Twitter)
100T Asuna prefers Phantom over Vandal in Valorant (Image via 100T Asuna/Twitter)
Pratiti Dhang

Valorant pro Peter "Asuna" Mazuryk from 100 Thieves recently explained Phantom’s advantage over Vandal.

In Valorant, which is the best Assault Rifle between Phantom and Vandal has always been a point of contention. Choosing the right weapon holds a lot of importance in every shooter game. When it comes to choosing a weapon, it does not only depend on its strength but also on the player’s playstyle and preferences.

Both the Assault Rifles in Valorant have got similar stats but have their own pros and cons. Hence, the debate has continued since its beta.

Many professional Valorant players have also been a part of this long debate. Previously, Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek and Tyson “TenZ” Ngo have settled with Vandal over Phantom. However, 100T's Asuna doesn’t seem to believe the same. He prefers to play with Phantom in Valorant.

100T Asuna prefers Phantom over Vandal for its accuracy in Valorant

100 Thieves’ Asuna, in one of his recent Valorant streams, explained his reason for choosing Phantom over Vandal. He pointed out the disadvantage with Vandal when it comes to first bullet accuracy. Whereas, it is not the same with Phantom.

He said,

“You guys do realize, the Vandal is not even accurate. This gun is not accurate. The first bullet doesn't go.”

Later, 100T's Asuna pointed out the major difference in the 1st shot spread between the two Assault Rifles in Valorant. In the case of Vandal, it is 0.25/0.157, whereas Phantom has a 1st shot spread of 0.2/0.11. He further explained,

“It's not even accurate on the first bullet. That's why no one uses this gun. There you go. You can aim at the head, and you will not kill people with the Vandal because your cross replacement is irrelevant with that gun. The vandal would have just missed.”

Phantom and Vandal stats in Valorant


Phantom (Image via Riot Games)
Phantom (Image via Riot Games)


  • Cost: 2,900
  • Fire mode: Fully automatic
  • Head damage: 156
  • Body damage: 39
  • Leg damage: 33
  • Range: 0-15 meters
  • Magazine size: 30
  • Fire rate: 11
  • Tap Efficiency: 4
  • Penetration: Medium


  • Higher rate of fire.
  • Spraying is controllable.
  • Larger magazine.
  • Effective in close ranges and 1v1s gunfights.
  • Silenced, hence doesn’t reveal the position.


  • Damage is less in longer ranges.
  • Damage falls off by 16, at the 15 to 30m mark, and 16 more at the 30 to 50m mark.


Vandal (Image via Riot Games)
Vandal (Image via Riot Games)


  • Cost: 2,900
  • Fire mode: Fully automatic
  • Head damage: 160
  • Body damage: 40
  • Leg damage: 34
  • Range: 50 meters
  • Magazine size: 25
  • Fire rate: 9.25
  • Tap Efficiency: 6
  • Penetration: Medium


  • Effective at higher range.
  • It’s is great for one-tap kills at the 50m mark.


  • Lower rate of fire.
  • Spraying is uncontrollable.
  • Smaller magazine.
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