5 best games like Valorant for Xbox One and PS4

Image credits: theverge
Image credits: theverge

Valorant, for many players on PC, was the tactical-shooter game that they had been craving for since the likes of Counter-Strike first came out and took over the market. However, consoles have long been the place for more frantic arena shooters than tactical first-person shooters like Valorant.

The accuracy and precision afforded from a PC cannot be compared with that of a controller. However, that is not to say that the console doesn't have its fair share of tactical shooters and even battle royales that have a lot of depth in their gameplay. For fans of tactical shooters like Valorant, there are plenty of titles of the same ilk that are present on consoles.

Five best alternatives to Valorant for Xbox One and PS4

5) Paladins


Paladins is no stranger to the spotlight and is one of the most well-known indie games that has been making waves for a long time. This title is a free-to-play shooter that gives the player several unique characters to pick from and switch the game experience from match-to-match.

Valorant regulars will quickly take to the varied styles of the different Heroes in Paladins. At no point does it feel like a run-of-the-mill free-to-play indie title, and has all the markings of a deeply engaging shooter.

Paladins is present on many platforms, including Xbox and PS4, and even the Nintendo Switch. There are also a number of game modes to pick from, which means that this game never gets stale as there is enough variety to keep things interesting.

4) Warframe


Warframe is a game that has a certain learning curve attached to it, but once players cross that threshold, what awaits them is an enriching experience.

It was long known as the king of free-to-play games, before mainstream game publishers waded into the genre. This game has an extremely loyal player base that has helped keep it afloat since its launch.

This title has seen many an update since its launch and has continuously been evolving. Warframe is truly the pinnacle of free-to-play games and has set the bar for future games in the free-to-play model to follow.

3) Apex Legends


While this might be straying away from the claustrophobic arena shooter-style maps of Valorant in a huge way, Apex Legends is as tactical and diverse as a battle royale can get.

At its core, this game is an extremely well-made tactical shooter that happens to have a battle royale structure. It gives the players the option to pick from several different Legends: unique characters with their own special sets of abilities and powers.

Players can mix up the game experience and must work closely with their Squads, and it is the only way to attain victory in the game. This title puts the utmost emphasis on team play and communication.

Apex Legends also introduced several elements to the genre that have become extremely popular, such as the ping system and respawn mechanic.

2) Overwatch


The game that Valorant has been compared to endlessly, Overwatch truly paved the way for arena shooters to include unique characters and change up the gameplay.

No doubt, Overwatch was a massive inspiration for Valorant when it comes to the base concept. However, both differ vastly in their execution and pacing, as one is more methodical than the other.

Valorant might seem like a less aggressive game than Overwatch, but that is purely by design and a deliberate choice by Riot. Both titles are equally great in their own right, and a comparison seems unfair given their difference in style.

Overall, Overwatch is one of the best FPS experiences one can have on console, and it rarely ever disappoints.

1) Rainbow Six: Siege


Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege has been Ubisoft's dark horse and one that has now completely taken over the gaming zeitgeist, slowly but surely. The launch of this game was relatively quiet, but over the years, it has been picking up steam.

In 2020, players will be hard-pressed to find more fulfilling and deeply engaging first-person shooter experiences than Rainbow Six: Siege. With a variety of different Operators to pick from, each with their own unique skill sets and gadgets, each match in this title is endlessly engaging.

This game is truly one of the best tactical shooter experience a player can have in 2020, and no other offering even comes close to its level of depth in this genre.

Note: The views expressed in this article are the writers' own, and what might be on top of a list for someone could be much below for someone else.

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