5 best Valorant agents in Breeze

5 best Valorant agents in Breeze (Image via Riot Games)
5 best Valorant agents in Breeze (Image via Riot Games)

The upcoming Breeze map in Riot Games’ Valorant can be unsettling, but choosing the right set of agents can make it easier.

Valorant allows players to play with a wide variety of agents. All of them have been assigned with a unique set of abilities that make them the go-to picks for a particular map.

The game provides players with five different maps like Ascent, Split, Bind, Heaven, and Icebox. Now in Episode 2 Act 3, the Valorant players are going to get the sixth map: Breeze.

Breeze is a tropical-themed map placed somewhere within the southern part of the Bermuda Triangle. Like most of the maps in Valorant, Breeze will also have two planting sites: site A and B. It features wide-open spaces that favor long-range encounters over close-quarter skirmishes.

The map is best for agents falling under all classes like initiators, duelists, controllers, and sentinels. A team with a perfect agent combination will stand a higher chance of winning on the map.

This article will focus on the five best agents that are effective to play in Breeze.

Top 5 Valorant agents to play in Breeze

#5 - Jett


Jett would be a wise choice for an open space map like Breeze. Her Updraft and Tailwind abilities are best for moving fast and getting out of the opponent’s crosshair. This increases her mobility across the map. Players can easily reach high ground places with Jett’s abilities and get surprise lurking targets.

Apart from that, Jett’s Cloudburst can additionally provide cover to the open areas. She will be the most competitive pick on the map.

#4 - Viper


Even though Jett is arguably the best pick for Breeze, the recent v2.06 patch buffs have made Viper stronger than before. She can effectively control the wide and open spaces in the map.

Focusing on the map’s structure, both the sites have multiple and wide entrances that can easily be controlled by Viper's Toxic Screen. This ability divides the site into two halves.

Moreover, a perfect Viper’s Poison Cloud and Snake Bite ability lineup helps control the post-plant scene in Breeze.

#3 - Astra


The astral agent was released along with Episode 2 Act 2. Astra can control the entire map from any point, which will be helpful on a larger map.

Astra’s ultimate can divide the entire map, which will allow players to hold a site or make a push. Her other abilities, like Nebula, can also cover an open space. She will be the best controller pick for the new Valorant map.

#2 - Yoru


Yoru's ability allows him to move to a new location and fake, which can confuse the enemies in a big open map like Breeze. Focusing on the map’s structure, it has got a lot of entrances. Yoru’s Fakeout ability can be of great use in this case.

Apart from that, his Gatecrash and his ultimate Dimensional Drift ability, can absolutely shine in Breeze. But to play this agent in the Valorant's new tropical map, players need a big brain.

#1 - Omen


The versatility in the agent’s ability makes him a perfect fit for the map. His Dark cover and Shrouded step allow him to enter any site or teleport behind enemies. Omen can switch from one point of the map to another, which will make it difficult for opponents to guess his position, especially in a large map like Breeze.

His Paranoia and Dark Cover ability can easily blindsight the enemy and cover up risky lines of sight in Valorant.

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