5 best ways to use Chamber efficiently in Valorant 3.10 update

How to play Chamber in Valorant (Image via Riot)
How to play Chamber in Valorant (Image via Riot)

After a long wait Chamber is finally live in Valorant and players are currently enjoying the new Sentinel agent of the game.

Riot, the developers of Valorant, revealed the details of Chamber ahead of patch 3.09. However, for certain reasons, they decided to postpone the introduction of the French agent for another patch. Finally, with the deployment of the latest patch 3.10, Valorant devs added Chamber to their agent pool.

Chamber mains can play as the team's primary snipers in Valorant:

Chambers is Valorant's latest inclusion to the Sentinel roster alongside Cypher, Killjoy, and Sage. However, players are currently trying to figure out the best possible way to utilize the new agent. In this article, players will get some of the ideas to use Chamber in their favor:

1) Aggressive Sentinel

Sentinel players are supposed to be playing from the back, holding a site and covering their teammates from the back while they are on the attacking side. However, with Chamber, players can change the system as his abilities allow players to be aggressive at times as well.


Chamber's Headhunter (Q) and Tour De Force (X) abilities can give them a chance to be aggressive as well. He can also escape from enemies by utilizing his Rendezvous (E) ability.

2) Primary Sniper

Chamber's abilities are very useful for the players who are the primary snipers of their team. Utilizing Rendezvous (E) ability players can quickly change their position after taking the first shot from Operator. His Headhunter (Q) and Tour De Force (X) abilities are also useful in those rounds when the player needs to save money for his Operator.


3) Co-ordination with teammates

Chamber's Trademark (C) ability can be useful if it has been utilized in the correct way. Players need to communicate with their teammates and have to place the Trademark ability for a perfect Brimstone, Sova or Viper's line-up.


4) Stop the opponent lurker

Being a Sentinel of the team, it is someone's responsibility to stop the opponent team's lurkers and create space for the team. Chamber can gather information about the lurkers by placing his Trademark (C) ability in the right positions.

5) Step-up in eco-rounds

Chamber's Headhunter (Q) and Tour De Force (X) abilities can be a game changer in the eco-rounds (rounds where players save their money to have a complete or better buy in the next round). However, players need a sharp aim and high sniping skills to help their team by utilizing their abilities.


These are some ways players can utilize Chamber in Valorant efficiently. The more players play the agent, the more exciting strategies will be discovered.

Note: The article reflects the views of the writer.

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