5 most overrated Valorant agents as of Episode 4 Act 3 (and 5 most underrated)

Valorant currently has 19 Agents to offer, each with special skillsets (Image via Riot Games)
Valorant currently has 19 Agents to offer, each with special skillsets (Image via Riot Games)

The Valorant Agent roster is continuously expanding. All of them come with unique abilities, so selecting one can play a vital role in deciding the outcome of a match.

Although Valorant is mostly skill-dependent, meaning players with a higher skill level have a higher chance of winning matches, knowing which Agent to use when plays a vital role.

That said, not all Agents are the same. Knowing when to trigger Agent-specific abilities can also define the outcome of games.

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Five most overrated Valorant Agents in Episode 4 Act 3

1) Fade


Fade is the newest Agent to join the Valorant roster. Hailing from Turkey, this character is an Initiator and can easily set up angles for her team to push into a site. While her abilities aren’t line-up dependent, they can be slightly counter-productive.

For example, if the Haunt ability marks users, a trail leads to them. However, it also gives the marked gamer a fair idea of where the enemy can approach them.

Similarly, when it comes to the Prowler ability, unless and until they latch onto a trail, they'll keep traveling in a straight line. Yes, individuals can control this Prowler to an extent, but it will expire quickly if it doesn't latch on to a trail, which somewhat depends on Fade's signature ability.

2) Neon


Valorant’s favorite speedster is good, but she isn’t that great. This Agent is built to rush into spots and get independent frags.

However, rushing into any spot isn’t a sage move. Neon could very well be rushing into an ambush, for what it’s worth. Her Relay Bolt ability acts as a nice little concussion grenade.

However, gamers need to aim appropriately while placing these bolts because there’s a high chance that the rebound might hit them in the face. Her High Gear ability does allow her to move faster while holding a knife.

It can get her from one point to another pretty quickly. However, the downside is that she’s unarmed while running and can be picked off quite easily.

3) Jett


Jett made it to the Valorant Agent roster when the game went live, and she’s been a staple pick, irrespective of the map. Players comfortable using her can set up interesting angles because Jett is one of the few Agents capable of engaging in vertical gameplay.

She can also smoke spots on maps using her Cloudburst ability. The downside? It lasts for only 4.5 seconds, rendering it ineffective in terms of utility.

Despite having the same health and armor ratings as other Agents, it feels like Jett isn’t durable enough.

4) Raze


Valorant’s demolitions expert isn’t that explosive. Raze has got all kinds of explosives under her belt, from grenades to C4s, but she’s highly overrated as an Agent.

The Boom Bot is a nice little gadget Raze has under her belt, but it can be easily destroyed with a few well-placed shots. It doesn’t manage to do much damage in most cases because it usually gets destroyed.

Her ultimate, Showstopper can do massive damage, but users need to place it well if they want to bag frags with it.

5) Killjoy


Killjoy, if appropriately used, can lock down a site on her own with nothing but her gadgets. However, it takes a certain amount of skill to play this character. Anyone can point and shoot but knowing where to deploy which device comes in handy.

However, her gadgets can be spotted from a distance and can be destroyed. Yes, the Alarm Bot and the Swarm Grenades can’t be seen, but the former won’t trigger if Killjoy isn’t within a 40m radius of the bot.

Also, there’s a small window between the bot triggering and applying vulnerability to gamers. A few well-timed hits can quickly destroy the bot during this window.

Five Valorant agents who fly under the radar

1) Sova


Sova is probably one of the most versatile Agents in Valorant history and one of the most loved. That said, with the arrival of Fade, he received a significant nerf in terms of his abilities.

The Owl Drone has been nerfed, and so have his Shock Darts. But that hasn’t made Sova any less valuable.

The Agent can still reveal areas without giving away his position. Timed with a proper Shock Dart, Sova can get quick frags even before either team fires a single shot.

Interestingly enough, the Owl Drone can effectively check corners, especially in tricky situations.

2) Astra


Astra is probably one of the most difficult heroes to master in Valorant. However, she’s got a brilliant skillset. Players can place stars on the map by entering their signature Astral Form.

The character can then use these stars to activate any of her three skills. From being able to smoke areas with the Nebula to making players vulnerable through the Gravity Well ability, Astra is one of the few Agents in Valorant who can single-handedly control an entire map.

And that’s without using her ultimate ability, Cosmic Divide. Users may be able to shoot through Viper’s toxin screen or Neon’s electric wall, but the wall formed when Cosmic Divide is active can effectively block bullets.

3) Viper


Viper is probably one of the most annoying Agents on this list because of the constant debuffs that she can apply to gamers, but she is also an underrated agent.

Players will receive the Toxin debuff whenever they step through any of their poisonous blockades, be it the Poison Cloud ability or the Toxic Screen ability.

While this debuff is active, affected users will lose 30 HP on initial contact and another 10 HP per second for every second they’re in touch with her toxins. Her ultimate ability, Viper’s Pit, can be advantageous in post-plant situations.

4) Brimstone


Brimstone is one of the OG Agents in the Valorant roster and has an interesting set of abilities. His Stim Beacon ability enhances the rate of fire and the speed of gamers standing in the vicinity of this beacon.

His Sky Smoke ability can easily block off visibility while defending sites.

Brimstone’s ultimate, Orbital Strike, can be used to focus a laser onto a small area, effectively turning it into a kill zone.

Those in this area will take continuous damage, close to 120 HP damage every second.

5) Skye


Skye is probably one of the least used Agents in Valorant. She’s the only Agent who can heal others but not herself. While that may be a minor downside for the Agent, it works amazingly well for the team.

Moreover, her abilities let her flash, concuss, and near sight enemies, making her a versatile Agent. Although activating her skills effectively takes some getting used to, Skye has the potential to be one of the most devastating Agents in the right hands.

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