5 pro tips for god-tier movement everyone need to learn in Valorant

5 Pro Tips for God-Tier Movement Everyone Need to Learn in Valorant (Image by Riot Games) (Image by Riot Games)
5 Pro Tips for God-Tier Movement Everyone Need to Learn in Valorant (Image by Riot Games) (Image by Riot Games)

Movement is one of the most important game mechanics of Valorant.

Valorant has risen to be at the top of the FPS esports chart in the year since launch, due to the amazing support from Riot Games and the game’s easy to pick up, hard to master appeal.

One of the main gameplay mechanics is the in-game movement. Understanding the movement and utilizing it properly can not only save a player from a certain death but can rack up kills as well.

Pro tips for movement in Valorant that everyone should know

From the spawn to the site, utilizing the cover and not letting the enemy know the location, a Valorant player must keep everything in mind while moving around. The player must also have an in-depth knowledge of the map locations. Here are 5 pro movement tips that everyone should know about.

Don’t rush into sites

One of the first mistakes that any Valorant player makes is to rush into the site, without gathering intel or checking the site out. This gives opponents plenty of opportunities to create a trap and ambush the player.

One of the first things that the player needs to understand about the movement is not to press W and rush into the site. They will need to work with teammates to gather intel and then look out for alternative pathways into the site.

Use the walk to avoid footstep sounds

Often in the heat of battle, the player forgets to mask the footsteps. This gives opponents a clear understanding of the player’s location and makes them an easy target based on sound.

The player must understand the situation and utilize the walk feature by pressing the Shift key. The Walk feature reduces the player movement speed but based on the situation, it can be necessary to silently sneak up on an opponent and get a kill.

(Image by Riot Games)
(Image by Riot Games)

Use agent-specific movements

Some agents' abilities in Valorant provide additional movement controls. Understanding those abilities and utilizing them is a key part of the movement.

A few of the most common ones are Jett’s Updrift and Tailwind, Raze’s Blast Pack, Omen’s Shrouded Step and From The Shadows, Sage’s Barrier Orb, and Yoru’s Dimensional Drift.

(Image by Riot Games)
(Image by Riot Games)

Utilize distraction and diversion

While moving around the map, utilizing proper diversions and distractions can help the team capture a site. For example, creating an intentional diversion at A site can lure opponents from B site and leave it vulnerable. As such, other teammates can discreetly move to the site and plant the spike.

Taking a step back doesn’t mean losing

It is quite possible that a certain push into a site might not work in a Valorant match. As such, it is important to understand when the team needs to step back and move around to approach the site from other entries.

To be a God-tier movement expert in Valorant, a player must understand when to rush in and when to take a step back to try an alternative approach.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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