Will Noble Leviathan join TSM's Valorant Roster after Drone's benching?

Will former Noble player be the next addition to TSM's Valorant line up?
Will former Noble player be the next addition to TSM's Valorant line up?

Much has happened since the Valorant Champions Tour North America ended last week, especially with the latest roster changes to TSM’s Valorant team.

Before VCT NA Stage three had even started, TSM had made multiple changes to its roster. TSM made James “hazed” Cobb the in-game leader, benched Stephen “reltuC” Cutler, signed Sean “bang” Bezerra to the team and laid off Braxton “brax” Pierce.

When TSM’s Valorant squad got knocked out of the Valorant tournament, after getting defeated by Noble, they decided to make even further changes to the team. Drone, one of the earliest members of TSM’s Valorant roster, was benched following the event.

There were reports about TSM’s hunt for new players from different North American organizations. Now that TSM’s latest addition has come to the limelight, fans are excited to see what’s ahead.

Possibility of Noble Leviathan joining TSM’s Valorant team

On July 9th, Noble made a tweet regarding the announcement of the organization’s Valorant team departure. The organization shows its gratitude to the fans and the active players.

Apex, Precision, Bdog, Payen, Frostyzk, Leviathan and Rubyz were the players who left the team. Noble specifies that the team “mutually part ways” and wishes them the best for their career ahead.

In a recent tweet made by Leviathan on Twitter, something new was seen. The tweet was of a link to his Twitch channel, but the caption is the interesting part. Leviathan mentions ”!TSM” in that tweet, suggesting his newly made connection with TSM.

However, TSM did not give any official statement regarding Leviathan being their latest addition to the roster after Drone was benched.

There has been a lot speculation about the recent events that have taken place. However, if a conclusion needs to be drawn, it is likely that Leviathan is TSM’s newest player.

To confirm Leviathan’s joining, TSM might make an official announcement concerning their updated Valorant roster. Only time will tell if the player has joined TSM to continue his career. Until then, all people can do is wait for an official statement.

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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