As Classic got nerfed in Valorant patch 3.09, what will be the effect in-game?

The Valorant Classic right-click nerf and its effect (Image via Riot)
The Valorant Classic right-click nerf and its effect (Image via Riot)
Rishab Chakladar

Valorant's developers introduced the new patch 3.09 this morning. They have made some significant changes by nerfing the Classic right-click, reworking the Fracture map, and redecorating the Range, along with some tweaks to improve the gameplay experience.

Riot Games wants to tweak the game meta a little bit with every new update to keep it fresh and entertaining. Players have to develop new strategies, which make Valorant more interesting than the rest.

Adjustments to the Classic right-click and a few updates for Fracture are here to go along with the start of VALORANT Act III. Read those and more in Patch Notes 3.09:

With the Classic right-click nerf in patch 3.09, gamers can expect some tweaks in the meta. If it is not a significant shift, they can still expect some minor changes in the team's approach in matches.

Will the Classic right-click nerf affect the current Valorant meta?

Valorant is known for its unique combination of gunplay and agent abilities. A minor tweak in any weapon or ability can modify the meta of the game.

After the recent changes in the Classic burst mode, players can expect some minor changes in the meta, which may largely affect the result of a match.

Valorant has a unique set of weapons in its inventory. Users can buy weapons of their choice before every round with the money from the previous round.

However, Classic is the only gun in-game that they get for free in every round. In the pistol and eco (the rounds where players usually save money for a better weapon purchase in the next round) rounds, some players prefer Classic over other secondary weapons.

For Classic users, the burst mode when firing used to be the key to eliminating opponents in fights.


However, after the recent changes in the Classic right-click, gamers may avoid the gun and go for other secondary weapons like Ghost, Sheriff, and Frenzy by spending money. In that case, they may sacrifice Armor or other abilities in that round or the next one because of the low economy.

This will indeed affect the current Valorant meta once again. It will still be intriguing to see how quickly players make themselves accustomed to these new changes in the game.

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