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Escalation: New limited-period game mode on Valorant is coming with patch 2.03

Modified 16 Feb 2021

A new 5v5 game mode called "Escalation" is set to be released in Valorant with patch 2.03

Valorant consists of four primary gameplay modes, each adding a different variation on the first-person shooter formula. The game launched with competitive, unrated, and spike rush modes. Deathmatch followed shortly post-release.

Fans were hoping for a possible new game mode to be added in the upcoming Episode 2 Act 2. Their wishes were granted.

Earlier today, prominent leaker @ValorLeaks tweeted the information regarding the upcoming escalation mode. The rules, gears, and as the Arabic website link for the escalation mode followed.

What is Escalation mode in Valorant?

Escalation is a brand new gameplay mode, which will be added in patch 2.03. It is a 5v5 mode, where teams will be facing each other with a selection of abilities and gears that are different for each level.

The teams will move on to the next level when the enemy is defeated. The first team to win 12 rounds wins the match.


According to the translation of the Arabic page for Escalation, the rules are as follows.

  • Escalation will be a 5v5 gameplay in Valorant
  • There will be 12 Escalation Levels (each level has a specific weapon or ability) in Valorant
  • The win will go to the team that finishes the 12 levels, or who reach the highest level in 10 minutes in Valorant.
  • The team as a whole must earn seven points in each level to move to the next level in Valorant
  • Killing in the current level earns one point in Valorant
  • Killing in a previous level earns 0.5 points in Valorant
  • Each player has an individual weapon level that they work to complete in Valorant
  • Players will have to achieve at least one kill using each weapon to unlock the next weapon level
  • The squad will still be able to advance on skill levels even if the player is within an older weapon level
  • Example: The team can be at Level 4, with the possibility of the player remaining being "stuck" at Weapon Level 1 (let's say it's a Vandal Weapon), until the player achieves one kill with that weapon. The player will then advance to Weapon Level 2, not directly to Level 4.
  • Matches are seven-nine minutes long
  • Operator abilities that are based on the character's choice cannot be used. Rather, only basic abilities can be used by all players during the match (see Gear section below)
  • Fast reboots (with immunity to damage in the first five seconds)

Each of the 12 levels of Escalation will also be limited to a different set of gears. According to the webpage, the list of gears is as follows.

  • Level 1: Players will always receive either Raze's Rocket Launcher Capability or the Vandal/Phantom assault rifle.
  • Level 2: Players will always receive either the Vandal or the Phantom assault rifle.
  • Levels 3-11: a variety of weapons and abilities
  • Level 12: possibly shorty, classic, knife, stun arrow, or even a snowball thrower
  • Health: A health bag is dropped upon death and expires in 10 seconds

Players will be earning 800 points experience for completing a match and additional 200 experience points for winning,

Escalation is certainly a breath of fresh air. It will be interesting to play around with.

Published 16 Feb 2021, 01:58 IST
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