Everything to know about Valorant’s Pocket Sage

Everything to know about Valorant’s Pocket Sage (Image by Riot Games, Valorant)
Everything to know about Valorant’s Pocket Sage (Image by Riot Games, Valorant)

Recently, the term “Pocket Sage” has become prevalent in Valorant, both in competitive and casual matches.

Valorant is currently one of the most played games across the world. Developed by Riot Games, also known as the League of Legends series, Valorant is in the fast-paced, fun gameplay, paired with the easy pick-up hard-to-master mechanics.

The game includes agents of the Valorant Protocol, each of whom has a rich, deep backstory and unique powerset. The agents are divided into four sub-sections: Duelist, Initiator, Controller, and Sentinel, based on the suggested gameplay style.


The term “Pocket Sage” has become a common term for both competitive and casual matchmaking.

The meaning and origin of Pocket Sage in Valorant

Sage, the sentinel agent of Valorant Protocol, is one of the most commonly picked agents. Her healing and reviving powers, paired with her ability to block off or slow down opponents, make the Chinese agent one of the best choices for a match of Valorant.

Recently, the term “Pocket Sage” is being used regularly, but what does "pocket sage" mean? According to Urban Dictionary, Pocket is described as,

"An agent in Valorant purposed for healing the duelist only with little to no skill being in the aggressive or so-called "Battle Sage."

The example used by the website is,

Sage: "Let me be your pocket sage"
Jett: "Sure baby"

In a Valorant match, when Sage sticks with a duelist, with the only objective being healing the duelist, it is called a Pocket Sage. In this, the Sage player has to make a minimal effort and heal the duelist as soon as his health drops below a threshold.

While Sage’s Healing Orb ability is quite useful and effective in healing the players, she is quite effective on her own. Sage can easily direct and misdirect opponents using Barrier and Slow Orbs. Being a pocket Sage limits the agent’s capability, resulting in the team having a disadvantage overall.

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