Everything you need to know about Yoru, Valorant's newest agent

Potentially the best Duelist in Valorant?
Potentially the best Duelist in Valorant?

Yoru, remember the name!

Valorant is set to roll out its Episode 2 on the 12th of January. The developers have been teasing fans with the introduction of a new agent lately, and it has now been officially revealed, with many streamers being invited to test out the new agent through early access.


Yoru's Abilities

Yoru has been storied to be a Japanese native agent. He is a duelist, and with the skill set that he possesses, he could potentially be the best duelist in all of Valorant. Here's a brief description of his abilities:

Fakeout: Yoru's first ability is named Fakeout. As the name suggests, this ability basically sends out fake steps in the forward direction, making normal footstep sounds. It is a very handy ability to unsettle enemies positioned at a potential hiding spot at the next opening. This ability can also be placed at a certain location to be activated at a later time.

Blindside: Blindside is a pretty useful "flash grenade" which basically needs to hit a hard surface to activate. It is like a Flashbang used in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It detonates briefly after hitting a surface, blinding everyone looking towards its direction. This is a very handy ability that can be used just before rushing a site, to disorient the enemies.

Gatecrash: Gatecrash is one of the most overpowered signature abilities, if not the most. It is basically somewhere in between Omen's "Shrouded Step" and "From the Shadows." In this ability, Yoru sends an orb in a certain direction or leaves it at a set spot.

Upon activation, Yoru can return to the place where that Orb lies (if it is kept stationary), or wherever it stops (if it is allowed to travel in a certain direction). However, all of this can be done only within a certain time frame.

The orb makes an eerie sound wherever it lies, which may make it easy to be detected by the opponents. Hence, it requires careful placement skills.

Dimensional Drift: Yoru's ultimate ability is Dimensional Drift, which may be the most overpowered ability in all of Valorant. While using this ability, Yoru becomes both invisible and invincible for a short amount of time.

This ability could be the gamechanger in a pivotal round. Upon mastering this ability and using it to its full potential, it is safe to say that Yoru might just have the best ultimate in all of Valorant.


Here's a video by 'Keeoh' of Cloud9 trying out Yoru through early access whilst also explaining his abilities.

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