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Everything about the new Valorant Go collection

Modified 18 Feb 2021

With the latest patch 2.03, Valorant introduces a new Anime inspired weapon skin collection called the Valorant Go Collection.

With the previous patch, Riot Games did not introduce a second set of skins for the famed Glitchpop Collection, but they also updated the Glitchpop store in the defender spawn of the Split.

The store included pop figurines of five Valorant agents, along with a ten-volume manga series and some anime-inspired art on the walls. Fans were quite excited and kept asking Riot Games for physical merchandise. Soon after, the new Valorant Go collection was revealed along with the Celestial collection.

The first volume of the Valorant Go collection is based on the five agents showcased in the Glitchpop store. There are five weapon skins in the bundle, along with five of each player's cards, gun buddies, and sprays, each representing one of the agents.

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Valorant anime skins are here

The newly revealed Valorant Go collection is heavily inspired by the Japanese art style of Manga. Each weapon skin features a Valorant agent based on the art style previously teased through the Glitchpop store. The same art style is also present in the player cards and spray, each representative of one of the five agents.


The pop figurines teased through the Glitchpop store are also included in the collection as gun buddies. This is the first time more than one gun buddy, spray, and player card has been included in a bundle.

The Valorant Go Volume 1 bundle costs 8,700 VP, and it includes 5 gun buddies, 5 player cards, and 5 sprays, along with the 5 weapon skins.

The weapons included in the Valorant Go Volume 1 bundle are:

  • Valorant Go Phantom (1,775 VP)
  • Valorant Go Spectre (1,775 VP)
  • Valorant Go Guardian (1,775 VP)
  • Valorant Go Ghost (1,775 VP)
  • Valorant Go Kunai (3,550 VP)

The developers also briefly touched upon how instead of doing a simple texture sticker placement on the weapon model, they carefully aligned the images so that the agent is always facing the player, no matter the position. Their experience with previous weapon skin collections, such as the Singularity collection and the Winterwunderland collection, helped them achieve this precision.

Naming the bundle “Volume 1” does likely mean that more volumes could enter the fray in the future, predictably focusing on different Valorant agents.

Published 18 Feb 2021, 21:54 IST
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