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Everything about Valorant's Episode 2 battle pass weapon collection

Modified 12 Jan 2021

Valorant Episode 2 will be introducing new weapon skin cosmetics through the battle pass.

Episode 2 is scheduled to launch on 12th January. Riot Games has confirmed a live stream to take a deeper dive into episode 2. The entire battle pass of Episode 2 Act 1 has already been leaked. After the leak, Riot Games officially confirmed Yoru, the fifth duelist, who hails from Japan.

Every battle pass of episode 2 launched with 3 weapon skin collections. Episode 1, Act 1 introduced Kindom Collection, Couture Collection, and Dot Exe Collection. Act 2 introduced Polyfox Collection, Red Alert Collection, and Hivemind Collection. Act 3 included Ruin Collection, Serenity Collection, and Surge Collection.

The Episode 2 Act 1 battle pass seems to contain 3 skin sets as well - Infinity Collection, Outpost Collection, and Aerosol Collection.

Valorant Infinity Collection 


The Infinity Collection has a metallic paint job. There are primarily 3 variants - white & red, green & yellow, and yellow & black. According to the developers, the design was inspired by sports cars. There are a total of five weapon skins to unlock throughout the battle pass. They are as follows.

Infinity Bulldog Chapter 1 Tier 1

Infinity Spectre Chapter 4 Tier 16

Infinity Guardian Chapter 7 Tier 35

Infinity Phantom Chapter 9 Tier 45

Infinity Classic Chapter 10 Tier free

Valorant Outpost Collection

The Outpost Collection has a black and yellow theme, along with a cylindrical part filled with a green acid-like liquid. The skins are inspired by industrial designs. There are a total of four weapon skins to collect. They are for the Ghost, Judge, Ares, and melee. They can be unlocked in the battle pass in the following manner.

Outpost Ghost Chapter 2 Tier 10

Outpost Judge Chapter 4 Tier 20

Outpost Ares Chapter 6 TIer 30

Outpost Melee Chapter 10 Tier 50

Valorant Aerosol Collection


The Aerosol Collection has a graffiti design across the weapons. There are a total of four skins to collect. They are inspired by graffiti art. They are for the Bucky, Shorty, Operator, and Odin. They are unlocked in the following battle pass tier.

Aerosol Bucky Chapter 1 Tier 5

Aerosol Shorty Chapter 3 Tier 15

Aerosol Operator Chapter 5 Tier 25

Aerosol Odin Chapter 8 Tier 40

Fan reception has been mixed regarding the new valorant skins. Some fans are not happy with the weapon skin designs compared to the previous Valorant battle pass skins. However, fans are excited about the launch of the upcoming Episode 2: Formation.

Published 12 Jan 2021, 01:50 IST
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