Former Valorant pro Sinatraa's girlfriend defends him amid sexual abuse allegations from ex-girlfriend cle0h

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Modified 20 Apr 2021

Earlier this year, former Valorant pro Jay "Sinatraa" Won found himself on the receiving end of some sexual abuse allegations form his ex-girlfirnd Cleo "cle0h" Hernandez. Jay's current girlfriend took to Twitter to address the current situation at hand.

After allegations were levied against him, Riot began investigating the matter, and Sinatraa was suspended from the official Sentinel roster until further notice. Sinatraa's current girlfriend Emmyuh took to Twitter to address the situation with a statement.

Emmyuh defends Sinatraa against sexual abuse allegations from cle0h

Emmyuh uploaded a statement on Twitter titled "the situation at hand." In it, she went on to explain her side of the story. She also posted many screenshots from different individuals which portrayed Sinatraa as innocent despite all the allegations against him. Her statement alleges that cle0h has behaved erratically in the past as well. Her full statement can be found here.

She also went on to say in a tweet that she had been silent throughout the entire ordeal. Despite having sorted it out in private, cle0h kept bringing her up in tweets and posts so she had to come out and make a statement about the matter at hand.

Emmyuh, in her statement, stated that cle0h allegedly made fake accounts to harass the girlfriends of people who have liked her or have dated her in the past.

Screenshots from Emmyuh
Screenshots from Emmyuh's statement where she alleges that cla0h had made throwaway accounts
Another screenshot from Emmyuh
Another screenshot from Emmyuh's statement alleging cle0h of making throwaway accounts

She concluded the statement by saying that she was still with Sinatraa and she had never felt unsafe in his company.

"I am still dating Jay. I have heard his side and I have never felt unsafe throughout my relationship with Jay. Jay has always put my comfort above anything, always. I hope that you guys will hear him out when he addresses it all publicly."

Despite everything going on around him, Sinatraa has remained silent about the entire issue. Prominent eSports insider Jake Lucky had a take on it as well.

In a tweet, he said that he found things to be odd when cle0h said she shortened an audio clip out of respect for Sinatraa but proceeded to make a short video accusing him of being transphobic.

With Sinatraa silent and with emmyuh and cle0h levying allegations and counter allegations, doubt clouds the entire incident. From the looks of it, this situation may also end up in a social media trial.

Published 20 Apr 2021
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