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Global Esports grabs the ESPL India Valorant PowerUp Qualifier 1

Image by ESPL
Image by ESPL
Satyaki Das
Modified 12 Jan 2021, 01:59 IST

Global Esports defeats GodLike Esports in the final of the ESPL India Valorant PowerUp Qualifier 1, with a 2-0 scoreline in the BO3 match.

The first qualifier of the ESPL India Valorant PowerUp Series comes to an end with Global Esports emerging victorious. After a vicious fight against GodLike Esports, they managed to win the match with ease.

However, GodLike did not play with their original lineup, as Deathmaker was substituted by mw1, who put in a commendable effort.

Global Esports vs GodLike Esports Map 1 - ESPL PowerUp India Finals

The first map was Ascent, and it was picked by GodLike Esports. The match however, did not go well for them, as they lost the pistol round as well as the following six rounds. skillZ went on killing spree with his Phoenix as he grabbed 13 kills over only one death in these rounds.

The round winning streak was brought to a break by WhiteHorse over a 2v1 against GE. With the scores already 9-1, mw1 managed to pick up the second ace of the tournament, making the scores 9-2. The first half ended with the scores at 10-2.

The second half was played very patiently and with minimum risks by Global Esports. With the pistol round won by kappA in a 1v2 situation, GodLike buckled up and brought the score to 11-5. This streak did not last long though, as Global Esports grabbed the next two rounds, winning the first map of ESPL Power Up India Qualifier 1 Finals.

Image by ESPL
Image by ESPL

Global Esports vs GodLike Esports Map 2 - ESPL PowerUp India Finals


The second map was picked by Global Esports themselves, however, GodLike put up a much better fight here than in the previous map.

The initial rounds were close. Global Esports won the pistol round, but GodLike Esports made sure that they were on track. After the scores were tied at 2-2, GodLike went for a round winning streak from the Attacking side. They managed to pull the scores up to 8-2.

However, IGL Hellranger flanked and picked off WhiteHorse, awarding Global Esports their third round in the map. The first half thus ended on a 9-3 scoreline.

The second half was dominated by Global Esports initially. With SkRossi and KappA's magical effort, GE brought down the scores to 9-10. The next two rounds were won by GodLike Esports, but GE did not give up, as they managed to bring it down to an overtime.

The first round of the OT was won by Global Esports. However, sh1vy pulled down two men and kept GodLike Esports on track with a 13-13 score. This though, was the end of the run by GodLike, as Hellranger led Global Esports to victory and won the Finals of ESPL India PowerUp Qualifier 1 with a 15-13 score.

Image by ESPL
Image by ESPL

This marks the end of the first qualifier of the ESPL India PowerUp Series. Global Esports, Godlike Esports, XTZ Esports and Reckoning Esports managed to seal their spots in the main event. The next qualifier will be played from 14th January, with scope of letting four more teams qualify for the main event.

Published 12 Jan 2021, 01:59 IST
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