"He needs love": Valorant community feels Omen's smokes need faster travel time or double deployment

Valorant Players demand to increase Omen's smoke placement speed or double deployment. (Image via Riot Games)
Valorant Players demand to increase Omen's smoke placement speed or double deployment. (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant's Omen is one of the least picked agents in the current meta when other Controllers like Astra and Viper dominate it.

The Valorant agent is known for his ability to smoke, but other Controllers do the same and more efficiently. This makes him less picked when compared to the other agents in the current meta. Many believe Omen's smoke ability, i.e., Dark Cover (E) needs to have faster travel time, or a double smoke deployment, to make him more effective in matches.

Recently, a Reddit user, u/zkipto, posted about how much importance and love the agent requires, and demanded to have no travel time for the smokes, or make him an "infinite smoker."

Omen's low smoke travel speed makes him weaker than other Controllers like Astra and Viper in Valorant


Omen has the lowest pick rate among all the Controllers, especially in the competitive plays and tournaments. As per the Blitz.gg report, he has a pick rate of 3% in Diamond 3 rank level, across all the maps in Episode 4 Act 1. The agent was also picked only twice in last year's Valorant Champions tournament.

Omen's smoke takes time to get placed at the right spot, due to the long travel time. Whereas the Ghanian Controller, Astra can place smoke instantly from any point on the map. Viper's also smoke activates faster than Omen.

The agent was one of the top picks in the beta, but after some major nerf in Patch 2.0, his pick rate gradually dropped. Moreover, the introduction of Astra in Episode 2 Act 2, and major Viper buffs in patch 2.06 drastic shift in the meta.

Omen's abilities mostly revolve around his smoke and teleportation. Thus, to bring back the agent's importance in the game, it needs a major buff, as the community demands.

Thus, to make the agent again loved by the community, it needs to return back to its version before patch 2.0, when Dark Cover's projectile speed was deceased from 4000 to 2800.


The community believes it's the agent's slow speed to place the smoke that makes him inferior to other Controllers. However, they have also come up with several other ideas as well, including slightly defeaning the players in the smoke.

Developers have stated that the community to focus on agent balance this year in 2022. Although nothing has been officially confirmed by the Riot Games, several agent changes could arrive in the future, which brings hope for the Omen buff among the Valorant players.

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