Hiko finds it harder to carry people in Valorant than in CS: GO

Hiko says Valorant is harder to play than CS: GO (Image via 100 Thieves)
Hiko says Valorant is harder to play than CS: GO (Image via 100 Thieves)
Pratiti Dhang

The Valorant professional player, Martin “Hiko” Spencer, in one of his recent Twitch streams has confessed that carrying people in Valorant is harder than Counter-Strike.

Before starting a career in Valorant, Hiko was a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) and Counter-Strike (CS) player as well. On 4 June 2020, he shifted to Valorant. He is now part of Valorant’s 100 Thieves squad.

The gaming community has always brought drawn comparisons between both FPS shooter games. It’s hard to decide the best pick between CS and Valorant, as both the games have gained enough popularity since their release.

However, many professional CS: GO players have switched their gaming career to Valorant, after its release in 2020. Hiko was one of the top Counter-Strike players, back in those days.

In one of his recent Twitch streams with Renegades' Chuck “cp2” Proud, he explained the difference between the two popular FPS shooter games, when it comes to carrying people.

What did the Valorant pro Hiko said?


Valorant provides a wide range of agents for the players to play with. Each agent has a specific role to play in a match. Hence, it is essential to master the agents in the game.

The Valorant pro, Hiko pointed it out and said,

“It is harder to carry people in Valorant than in CS. Yes, that's because there are roles for agents. So like in CS, you have a flash, a smoke and a nade. You can pretty much throw your own nades if you need to. But in this game, you need your agents to know how to play the game right. You need your smoker to be able to smoke. You need your Sentinel like Killjoy to be able to lockdown a bomb site.”

Hiko brought up the importance of learning about an agent in Valorant, which is not the case in CS. In the case of CS, one can use flash and grenades if they need to but it’s not the same as Valorant.In Valorant, one can carry only if they know how to play well with the agent, by using their powers correctly.

He later on commented on the difference between both FPS shooter games,

“I think it's a lot different. I actually think this game is way more tactical and way more detailed than CS.”

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