How Valorant’s latest agent Chamber threatens the current Jett meta

Chamber might be the way to change the dominating Jett meta in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
Chamber might be the way to change the dominating Jett meta in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
Amlan "M4DM4N" Roy

Valorant’s latest Sentinel agent Chamber will be arriving with Valorant’s next patch update and has already created havoc in the community since his recent introduction.

Valorant has a wide range of agents to choose from, who have their own defining characteristics to help the team win the match. All these agents are categorized and divided into four distinguished classes: Duelists, Initiators, Controllers, and Sentinels.

Out of these four, Sentinels are mainly focused on defensive plays in Valorant and are known as the team's shields. However, the introduction of Chamber to Valorant showed that Sentinels can be defensive and still hurt by becoming the spear of the team instead.


Chamber’s abilities are so powerful that it could possibly change the current Jett meta that has been around the game for a long time. This article will discuss all the crucial reasons why a meta change is possible.

Valorant’s latest Sentinel Chamber might change the Jett meta

The eighteenth addition to the Valorant Protocol’s roster takes up the role of a Sentinel with a certain twist. The agent is equipped with abilities that are focused on aggressive plays and makes Chamber fall victim to multiple controversies regarding him being a Sentinel in Valorant.

Chamber’s abilities are concentrated on teleportation, trapping opponents, and weapon-based perks that allow him to block off his foes. The most significant ability among all his abilities is the Tour de Force, which gives him a fully functional Operator that can be summoned on command.

Jett has been dominating the current Valorant meta by being the best Duelist in the game for her fragging potential. The agent could easily take one-on-one gunfights on her own and make an instant escape if she failed to take anyone down. The reason being, most Jett players are mechanically skilled and pick an Operator to efficiently use her.


However, with the introduction of Chamber, that meta might see an end as the agent gets a free operator with his ability. Not only that, but Chamber is also capable of making escapes by simply teleporting from one point to the other. So, players who are already mechanically gifted would easily lean towards Chamber and make use of his abilities.

Logically, any player who is confident about using Operators in Valorant would be choosing the new Sentinel with their eyes closed. The majority of Valorant players chose Jett to use the Operator without the risk of getting shot, however, her pick rate might see a sudden drop after the release of Chamber to Valorant, who has his own pocket Operator.

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