"I truly would like to see this behavior punished": Brazilian Valorant fans are furious over zombs' derogatory remark on their region

Sentinels' zombs (Image via VCT)
Sentinels' zombs (Image via VCT)

In the latest Valorant Champions match between Furia Esports and Sentinels, the latter's member, zombs, made a very aggressive and insensitive remark that angered the fans.

Sadly, this year's Valorant Champions has also become a hotbed for controversies and it seems most of them in one way or another involve the highly talented Brazilian region. Three teams from the region have qualified - Vikings, Furia and Keyd - and all are in contention to make it to the knockout stages.

But with recent events happening at the tournament, it seems the issues have reached a tipping point and are spilling out onto social media.

"Can't wait to beat your sh*t region again": Valorant player zombs' remark sets off the Brazilian community at large

The crowning event of the year-long Valorant Champions Tour is here and the excitement is at an all-time high. Fans around the world are being treated to some high-caliber Valorant as the best sixteen teams in the world duke it out among themselves to wear the crown of the first-ever Valorant Champions.

However, energetic and intense responses are part and parcel when it comes to stakes that high. In a similar fashion, events boiled over at a recent Valorant Champions match.

In the match between Furia Esports and Sentinels, the former was building up to cause an upset against Sentinels in map 3 when a prolonged tech pause derailed any sort of momentum and resulted in the NA squad winning 12-9.

The 15-minute break, Riot Games explained, was taken because xand, from Furia, used a jumping exploit. This decidedly did not go down well with the fans. More so, because the inordinate break was simply followed by a warning to xand.

Even tenZ from Sentinels said it was not an exploit in his opinion.

ShahZaM, Sentinels' player, tried to make 'light of an unfortunate situation' by tweeting 'should have called a tech pause.' The twitter thread got heated as Gabriel Henud and Gustavo Melão joined in, asking why the player is antagonizing an entire region and that they should be the grown ups in the room.

It is to this that ShahZaM's teammate zombs made the controversial remark, making an already turbulent situation a million times worse.

The Brazilian Valorant fans were already at the tipping point at Valorant Champions due to multiple reasons

They saw their team, Vivo Keyd, cause the biggest upset of the tournament by winning 2-1 against Acend, only to see the result get overturned by Riot.

Riot's official decision was taken because of JhoW's, Keyd's Cypher, use of a camera exploit on Breeze. Fans complained that the punishment was harsher than necessary, Riot should have fixed the bug earlier, and that dapr from Sentinels have been exploiting the same issue, which later turned out to be false.

zombs' comment caused a huge uproar among the Brazilian Valorant community, with many asking for him to be punished.

While this has been going on, zombs has continued taunting the region on his Twitter with tweets mocking the rage of the Brazilian fans.

The whole situation tarnishes the image of Valorant Champions 2021 and becomes a headache for Riot. The actions of the Brazilian fans, reacting with death threats, slurs, and insults, are condemnable and the community believes they should not be encouraged or allowed to happen.

But being a professional in the scene, zombs' actions are highly reproachable. It can only be hoped that Riot will take strict steps to resolve the matter and ensure that such things do not happen again.

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Edited by Abu Amjad Khan