New Valorant Act 3 Singularity Bundle fully revealed

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games

Episode 1 Act 3 of Valorant releases later today and that can only mean one thing: leaks are abound. Data-miners have been able to dig into the game files and discover most of the new pieces of content coming to Act 3. This includes a full walkthrough of the new map Icebox and every Battle Pass skin image.

However, aside from Act 3 specific content, data-miners were also able to find more information on the leaked Singularity Bundle. Releasing with Act 3, the bundle looks like one of the most unique yet. We previously covered the price and overall details of the bundle but today, we'll be going over more in-depth information.

Valorant Singularity Bundle leaked ahead of Act 3 update

Twitter account @ValorLeaks is where a majority of the leaks are coming from in regards to Act 3. The account owner is rarely wrong with his information so take whatever he leaks with some solid weight.

Earlier today, he leaked the cover art for the Singularity Bundle as well as every variant for the skins within the set. There appears to be three additional skin variants aside from the purple color scheme that you see above. Below, you can see the variants for all of the skins.

The weapons in the bundle - Spectre, Sheriff, Phantom, Ares, Knife - look fantastic in the base purple variant but the additional color schemes really put the set over the top. However, the bundle doesn't stop there. For players willing to spend the 8,700 Valorant Points, you'll also receive a player card and unique finishers for each of the weapons.

As with any Valorant Bundle, each skin has different levels that do different things to the weapon. With Singularity, the specific gun features a new draw and reload animation. Some of the weapons perform different actions whenever you reload or inspect which only adds to the bundle's appeal.

Players will be able to purchase the Singularity Bundle in Valorant when the Shop resets during the first day of Act 3. It will cost 8,700 VP but you are able to buy each weapon separately like always.

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