New Valorant map "Pearl": Expected release date, all leaked information, and more

Information about the upcoming Valorant map Pearl (Image via Twitter/Valorant)
Information about the upcoming Valorant map Pearl (Image via Twitter/Valorant)

Valorant is ready to introduce its eighth map in the game with the upcoming patch 5.1 update next week. The upcoming map will go by the name ''Pearl'' in the game.

With the start of every new act in the game, developers always come up with some exciting changes and new things. Players always wait for the new update to experience new changes in the game. Developers never fail to amaze the community and bring in exciting new things to the game to make it more exciting and attractive.

However, Riot has already promised to bring in a new map called ''Pearl'' with the upcoming patch update. While the developers have revealed very few details about the upcoming map, players are already excited for it.

Everything to know about the upcoming Valorant map "Pearl"

The official name for the new map is Pearl | #VALORANT

This month, Valorant completed its two-year anniversary. Since the release of the game in 2020, the developers have always tried to keep it entertaining and exciting for the players every time. To ensure that, they have also come up with new maps, Agents, and more exciting things from time-to-time with every new update.

Riot promised to introduce a new map or Agent at the start of every new Act in the game. With the upcoming update, Valorant is ready to announce the commencement of the new Episode 5 Act 1. Hence, players will get a new map with the upcoming update.

Though the developers are yet to reveal all the information about the upcoming map, here are some which are known as of now:

Release date

The new map will go live in the game with the start of Episode 5 Act 1. The current Act will end on June 21, 2022. Hence, the new Act will start on June 22, 2022 and the new map is expected to go live on that day as well. However, Riot is yet to officially confirm the release date.

Information about the new map

This is the battlepass 'teaser' card.Next patch we'll have a new map that's underwater? #VALORANT

Every map in the game is designed with some unique ideas. Hence, players can expect the same for the upcoming map Pearl. Some leaks suggest that the upcoming map will be an underwater-themed map.

Riot first teased the new map with the 'Yellows on Rails' player card in Episode 4 Act 3 Battle Pass. The image showcased the Yellow Elétrico Tram of Lisbon, Portugal, which was running through an underwater tunnel. This suggests that the new map might be in Lisbon, Portugal.

Later, the Episode 4 Act 3 Night Market also had a similar theme. Riot has always teased the new map with the Night Market. So everyone is assuming that the new map will be an ocean-themed map.

Something special's bubbling up in VALORANT. Get ready for Aquarium week.

However, players will have to wait a few more days to get all the information about the upcoming Valorant map. Prior to the release of every map, Riot conducts an 'Early Access Livestream Event' involving renowned content creators around the globe. Players will surely get an idea of the new map when the event starts.

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