Riot Games hints new underwater themed map for Valorant, features an aquarium

Aquarium teaser hints at an underwater theme for Valorant's new Portugal based map. (Image via Sportskeeda)
Aquarium teaser hints at an underwater theme for Valorant's new Portugal based map. (Image via Sportskeeda)

Riot Games teased its upcoming Valorant map, based in Portugal with an underwater theme, with a picture portraying an aquarium with an octopus.

Valorant's new map is expected to be based somewhere near the coast of Lisbon, Portugal. The developers have always dropped hints of their upcoming content through posts, cinematic videos, or in-game content. Similarly, Riot Games has dropped many clues in the past, teasing the new map.

Something special's bubbling up in VALORANT. Get ready for Aquarium week.

Several teases have suggested that the map may have an underwater feature or will be located near a water body. The Episode 4 Act 3 Night Market announcement poster had the underwater texture of an ocean in the background.

This time, however, a post from Riot Games' tactical shooter's official Twitter handle included a picture featuring a giant aquarium. The aquarium contained underwater animals, especially a big octopus.

Aquarium teaser indicates Valorant's upcoming Portugal-based map will have an underwater theme

Riot Games have previously teased the underwater theme through the 'Yellows on Rails' player card in Episode 4 Act 3 battlepass. It showcased the famous public transport, Yellow Elétrico Tram of Lisbon, Portugal, running through an underwater tunnel. The Elétrico tram also had the Kingdom Corporation logo on it.

This is the battlepass 'teaser' card.Next patch we'll have a new map that's underwater? #VALORANT

Later, the Episode 4 Act 3 Night Market had a similar theme as well. Riot Games have always teased their future maps through the Night Market. Hence, this solidifies the clues hinting at an ocean theme for the game's eighth map.

Many fans and players from the community interestingly pointed out that the Octopus shown in the teaser had a resemblance to Omen’s three-eyed mask. Cynprel, a popular lore enthusiast, pointed out the same. However, no proper connection has been found between Omen and the Octopus portrayed in the teaser.

Not the Omectopus 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫That pearl in the giant clam looks interesting 🧐…

Nevertheless, Riot Games has alerted fans about the "Aquarium week" and that "something special's bubbling up" in the game. More teasers might be coming up in the future, hinting at the new Valorant map as Episode 4 Act 3 comes to an end. While nothing is confirmed, fans can stay tuned to Valorant's official social media handles to stay updated about future teases.

The eighth map is expected to be located in Omega Earth or Earth-2 in the mirrorverse connecting the mystery behind the two Earths. If that's true, players will get the game's first map from Earth-2, expanding the current lore and game theory. However, this is merely speculation formed by the community. Nothing has been confirmed by Riot Games as of yet.

The next map is expected to arrive soon after Episode 4 Act 3 ends. Valorant Episode 5 will begin with the launch of a new map in the game, which is expected to kick off around July 7, 2022. Apart from that, players will also receive a new Battlepass and more in-game items in the upcoming Act.

Until then, players can enjoy grinding the current Episode 4 Act 3's Battlepass and keep collecting the rewards.

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