100 Thieves’ Asuna becomes the first Valorant player to reach 1000 rank rating

Asuna sets a new bar (Image via Riot Games)
Asuna sets a new bar (Image via Riot Games)
Subhradeep "Bucketbaba" Mukherjee

Yesterday, 100 Thieves’ Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk broke the record for the highest rank rating (RR) held by a single player in Valorant. This news riled up the whole community.

Ever since Valorant came out of open beta, it has attracted many players from all across the world. Players with previous competitive backgrounds also joined the newly joined masses. As the number started to grow, so did the competitiveness among them.

Since the leaderboards for the North American region were released, Asuna has been among the top three in the chart.

Rank rating in Valorant

Valorant’s ranked system works in its own unique way. The system measures the improvement in a player’s performance by their rank rating (RR) earned. By winning or losing a ranked match in Valorant, the player stands to gain or lose a certain amount of RR. For every 100 RR earned, the player gets a promotion to the next rank.

The valorant rank system has many tiers. While the top 500 players from each region are given the Radiant rank, only the top 1% of each region have the privilege to call themselves Immortal. After a player reaches this rank, their performance is measured according to the RR they hold to their name.

Asuna’s journey through the NA leaderboard

Ever since the NA leaderboards came out, Asuna has been in the top three of the table. Valorant has come a long way, and so has Asuna. Competing in various tournaments throughout the year, he has shown massive improvement this year.

He tweeted a photo showing his recent accomplishments as the NA leader in early February this year. Asuna held the top two positions all by himself, one with his main account and one with his smurf.

But yesterday, the news of him reaching 1004 RR created an uproar in the Valorant community. It is not because it is a huge mountain to cross, but because he is the first Valorant player to cross the mark.

Until now, the highest RR held by any player in any region has always been somewhere near the 980-990 range. But with this, the 100 Thieves Pro has set the bar high.

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