100 Thieves kick off VCT Masters Shanghai Playoffs with victory over FUT Esports

100 Thieves kick off VCT Masters Shanghai Playoffs with victory over FUT Esports
100 Thieves win the first VCT Masters Shanghai playoffs match (Image via Riot Games)

100 Thieves defeated FUT Esports with a two-map lead as the first match of the VCT Masters Shanghai playoffs comes to an end. Both the teams put in a commendable performance, however, it was 100 Thieves who emerged superior, thanks to their aggressive approach, outmatched aim game, fantastic utility usage, and good timing.

Overall, it seemed as if FUT Esports was struggling to catch up to the tactics of 100T, especially during attack halves where it seemed impossible to get through the defenses of bang, Boostio, and Cryocells. Here's a breakdown of their performance.

100 Thieves dominate FUT Esports to kick off VCT Masters Shanghai playoffs

100T's performance was extraordinary. In the first match, Icebox, the team completely dominated FUT Esports ending the map on a 13-2 scoreline. FUT Esports found just about no space during their offensive half.

The B site was constantly on lockdown thanks to the overwhelming presence of bang who was playing as Viper. On the other hand, Boostio, the IGL was rather brilliant on his Killjoy. In fact, during a save round for 100T's offensive half, Boostio managed to sneak up in Kitchen and past FUT Esports' defenses to secure not one but two kills with his classic.

This play would go on to cost the org a round and soon, the map. The next map was Bind which also felt leaning in the favor of 100 Thieves. The map ended on a 13-5 score with Cryocells closing the last round.

While utility from eeiu was immaculate and Asuna's entry potential devastating, it was Cryocells on Brimstone who ended up standing out. He racked up 32 kills on the map and had a total of 46 frags in the whole series making him the top fragger in the whole server. For the sake of comparison, the second top fragger, eeiu, was at 27 kills. Cryocells with his aim was overwhelming for FUT Esports.

Following the dominating victory over one of EMEA's top contenders, 100T Asuna posted a strong prediction on their run in the tournament, saying that they would go on to win Masters Shanghai.

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