100 Thieves Valorant Team

100 Thieves Valorant Team

Full Name100 Thieves

Prominent PlayersAsuna, Derrek, stellar, Will, bang


100 Thieves

100 Thieves is a North American esports organization formed by former esports professional Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag and NBA team Cleveland Cavaliers. The organization entered Valorant in 2020 immediately after the release of the game.


100 Thieves is one of the most successful teams from the North American region. The team was formed in June, 2020 along with Hiko, Valliate, YaBoiDre, Venerated and Pride. 100 Thieves won their first major trophy in December, 2020 by becoming champions of the First Strike North America. 100 Thieves has represented the North American region in a VCT event only once so far (VCT 2021: Stage 3 Masters Berlin).



  1. January 9th - 100 Thieves released seven.
  2. January 17th - 100 Thieves signed ec1s and BabyJ. Jovi was promoted to head coach and Rocket joined as assistant coach
  3. February 21st - 100 Thieves released ec1s and BabyJ. bang and jcStani joined on loan.
  4. March 22nd - 100 Thieves released Jovi. Additionally, they signed ddk as general manager, sgares as head coach and Mikes as assistant coach.
  5. March 27th - jcStani announced his free agency following his loan period.
  6. March 31st - Rocket left.
  7. April 12th - Hiko decided to retire from professional career.
  8. April 14th - 100 Thieves signed Derrek, stellar and Will. Ethan was benched.
  9. April 21st - Ethan joined NRG Esports.


  1. January 20th - FrosT promoted to head coach from previously being an analyst.
  2. January 26th - Silenx joined as 6th member who will be standing-in for nitr0 as he takes time off to spend with his family and newborn baby.
  3. February 28th - Ethan joined as dicey was benched.
  4. March 25th - Silenx is released from his contract.
  5. April 13th - 100 Thieves sign Kyedae as a streamer.
  6. July 5th - b0i joined as substitute.
  7. September 27th - 100 Thieves benched steel and promoted b0i to main roster. Additionally, seven joined as a substitute.
  8. November 11th - 100 Thieves released FrosT.
  9. November 23rd - 100 Thieves released dicey and b0i.
  10. December 5th - 100 Thieves released steel from his contract.
  11. December 7th - 100 Thieves released nitr0.


  1. June 4th - 100 Thieves entered Valorant by signing Hiko.
  2. June 25th - 100 Thieves completed the roster by signing Valliate, YaBoiDre, Venerated and Pride from Highground.
  3. August 14th - Valliate, YaBoiDre, Venerated and Pride released from contracts. nitr0 joined.
  4. September 4th - steel joined.
  5. October 2nd - 100 Thieves signed Asuna and dicey to finalize their roster.

Roster Details

Active Roster

IGNNameRoleJoin Date
AsunaPeter MazurykInitiator, Duelist2020-10-02
DerrekDerrek HaInitiator2022-04-14
stellarBrenden McGrathIGL, Sentinel2022-04-14
WillWilliam ChengSniper, Duelist2022-04-14
bang (loan from TSM)Sean BezerraController2022-02-21

Former Players


Former Players
IGNNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
EthanEthan Arnold2021-02-282022-04-21NRG Esports
HikoSpencer Martin2020-06-042022-04-12Retired
jcStani (loan from Pioneers)Noah Smith2022-02-212022-03-27Gen.G Esports
BabyJHunter Schline2022-01-172022-02-21
ec1sAdam Eccles2022-01-172022-02-21HEET
sevenJohann Hernandez2021-09-272022-01-09T1


Former Players
IGNNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
nitr0Nicholas Cannella2020-08-142021-12-07Retired
steelJoshua Nissan2020-09-042021-12-05T1
diceyQuan Tran2020-10-022021-11-23FaZe Clan
b0i Aaron Thao2021-07-052021-11-23
Silenx (Stand-in)Jonathan Huntington2021-01-262021-03-25Knights


Former Players
IGNNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
ValliateKeane Alonso2020-06-252020-08-14Highground
VeneratedZachary Roach2020-06-252020-08-14Luminosity Gaming
YaBoiDreDiondre Bond2020-06-252020-08-14Highground
PrideAlfred Choi2020-06-252020-08-14

Management Details

IDNameRoleJoin Date
NadeshotMatthew HaagFounder & CEO2017-11-20
MaelkJacb Toft-AndersonVP of Esports 2019-06-19
CelinaCelina WangEsports Operations Manager 2020-01-??
ddkDaniel KapadiaGeneral Manager2022-03-22
sgaresSean GaresHead Coach2022-03-22
MikesMichael HockomAssistant Coach2022-03-22
KyedaeKyedae ShymkoStreamer2021-04-13
HikoSpencer MartinStreamer2022-04-12

Former Management

IDNameRoleJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
RocketDavid SpencerAssistant Coach2022-01-172022-03-31
JoviJovanni VeraHead Coach 2022-01-172022-03-22OpTic Gaming (Analyst)
JoviJovanni VeraAnalyst2020-10-??2022-01-17100 Thieves (Head Coach)
FrosTHector RosarioCoach2021-01-202021-11-12


DatePlacementTierEvent NameResultPrize
2022-08-141stA-TierVCT 2022: NA Last Chance QualifierWon 3:0 against The Guard
2021-10-303rdA-TierVCT 2021: NA Last Chance QualifierLost 1:2 against Cloud9 Blue$15,000
2021-09-183-4thS-TierVCT 2021: Stage 3 Masters BerlinLost 0:2 against Team Envy$85,000
2021-08-152ndA-TierVCT 2021: NA Stage 3 Challengers PlayoffsLost 1:3 against Sentinels$20,000
2020-12-061stA-TierFirst Strike North AmericaWon 3:1 against TSM$40,000

Upcoming Event and Fixture

DateEvent NameOpponent
2022-09-02Valorant Champions 2022 IstanbulFnatic

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