Are Valorant Mumbai (India) servers down today (September 26)? Players report login and friends list issues

Are Valorant Mumbai (India) servers down today, players report login and friends list issues (Image via Sportskeeda)
Are Valorant Mumbai (India) servers down today? Players report login and friends list issues (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant is reportedly going through a new round of server hiccups. This time around, players are not only facing login issues, but are also unable to access their friends' lists. The issue only seems to be affecting servers like Mumbai, Singapore, and other APAC regions. The official server status for Valorant's Asia-Pacific servers currently shows a critical alert denoting login issues.


A couple of days ago, players from multiple regions were unable to log in and play Valorant. Some faced unknown error messages and were unable to launch the game, while others faced crashes mid-game. While Riot Games managed to fix the September 24 issue, the APAC servers are back to facing a new issue.

Players are unable to access the friend list, facing login issues in Valorant's APAC servers

As fresh reports of login issues emerge, Riot Games updated their server status to critical for the APAC servers, including Mumbai. Many affected users also posted their complaints on social media platforms such as Reddit.

A Redditor named u/werhu reportedly faced a bizarre issue where he was able to launch the game and join queues, but was unable to see or invite any of his friends. He mentioned that his friend was facing similar issues. An error message reading 'Service unavailable' showed up when they tried to access their friend list.

Several others replied to the post, claiming to be facing the same problem. One reported losing rank ratings because of the reported ongoing server issues. Another reported facing multiple queue-dodging instances, which could be a coincidence or a consequence.

At the same time, Valorant's status notification bar displays a message that shows Riot's commitment to solving this problem as soon as possible.

Riot Games is working to fix the issue as soon as possible. (Image via Riot Games)
Riot Games is working to fix the issue as soon as possible. (Image via Riot Games)

Although the developers are presently working to fix the problem, they haven't announced an approximate time frame for its resolution. Nevertheless, players should likely be able to access and play the game soon.

Valorant, being a multiplayer game, is heavily dependent on online servers. While Riot does a great job at maintaining its framework, occasional hiccups cannot be avoided. The developers are usually quick to resolve such issues. However, they may require more time to fix a critical bug or process.

As of now, players may be unable to launch the game or log in. They may also face random error messages. Even though the game seems to be playable for some, it's advised to avoid playing ranked games. Many have reported facing mid-game crashes during critical server issues, which could be detrimental to one's ELO rating.

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