“CS:GO looks like a joke compared to Valorant": Shroud takes another dig at Valve’s shooter ahead of professional debut

Shroud once again contradicts his take on the “Valorant vs CS:GO” debate (Images via CS:GO/Shroud/Riot Games)
Shroud once again contradicts his take on the “Valorant vs CS:GO” debate (Images via CS:GO/Shroud/Riot Games)

In the Valorant vs CS:GO debate, Twitch star and current Sentinels pro Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek seldom shied away from providing his two cents on the matter.

In his most recent stream, Shroud once again took a dig at Valve’s shooter, stating that its difficulty is a joke compared to the FPS from Riot Games.


However, throughout the last couple of years, since Valorant’s launch, Shroud has not maintained the same stance on the debate. He oscillated between the two games regarding his opinions on which one is better. He even mentioned that CS:GO has a much higher skill ceiling, making it a much harder game to master than the Agent-based shooter.

After joining the Sentinels line-up and on the verge of making his professional debut in the competitive scene, Shroud seems to be singing a completely new tune.

While he maintained that CS:GO does have a higher skill ceiling, he felt Riot's shooter is still harder and that might be because of how accessible it is.

Shroud once again contradicts his take on the “Valorant vs. CS:GO” debate


When talking about the two shooters during his recent stream, Shroud spoke a fair bit about their difficulty and why he felt that Valorant is much harder to master.

He said,

“This game is hard. CS:GO looks like a joke compared to Valorant, I’m telling you. There’s no sugarcoating it or anything. This game is just hard. I wonder if it’s hard because everyone is so good, and everyone is so good because the game is arguably easier. Maybe that’s why [it’s harder]. It keeps the competition high.”

Shroud’s take on Valorant’s difficulty can be primarily around the fact that the shooter is much more accessible to new players and has more depth because of the Overwatch-like hero system that it brings to the table.

Agent abilities make execution easier because there are more good players in Riot’s shooter than in CS:GO, which makes it all the more competitive.

Shroud now strongly believes that irrespective of the two sides of the coin, the Agent-based shooter is still much harder than CS:GO.

With the NA LCQ coming up in a few weeks, it will be quite interesting to see how well Shroud performs with the rest of the Sentinels side when the competition goes live.

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