Fnatic suspends BraveAF from its Valorant roster following leaked messages supporting the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Fnatic BraveAF may miss the VCT STage-1 Masters Reykjavik (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fnatic BraveAF may miss the VCT STage-1 Masters Reykjavik (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fnatic suspended Valorant star Andrew "BraveAF" Gorchakov from its squad. The action was taken after leaked private messages showcased BraveAF's support for Russia against Ukraine in the current crisis.

BraveAF has faced huge criticism since the messages were leaked. Finally, his team decided to suspend him and is ready to initiate an investigation against him to find the truth.

BraveAF has already tweeted regarding this matter, revealed his part of the story and has also apologized for his words. His participation in the upcoming VCT Stage-1 Masters Reykjavik is currently uncertain.

Fnatic's Valorant pro BraveAF reveals the messages were sent on February 24th's morning, before the crisis started

Europe is currently in political turmoil regarding the Russia-Ukraine border crisis. Russian military forces crossed into Ukraine to take control of law and order. The situation is deteriorating daily and people around the world are continuously protesting against Russia's decision. Many European esports organization have also raised their voices against Russia and Fnatic is one of them.

However, BraveAF, a Russian Valorant professional player who is currently playing for Fnatic, has been accused of taking Russia's side in a conversation with his friend on social media. The leaked messages show that the Russian player is supporting his homeland and denying the civilian casualties.

BraveAF revealed his side of the story immediately and stated his innocence in the matter. He revealed that the conversation took place on the morning of February 24th and that no one had any idea what was going on. He was just checking to see if his friend was alright or not.

He also revealed that some of his words in the conversation were misinterpreted and distorted. He then apologized if his words had hurt someone's feelings.

Fnatic took a quick step towards this matter and decided to suspend the player for the timebeing. The organization also decided to initiate a thorough investigation against the Valorant star.

Fnatic will travel to Iceland in the next couple of days to represent the EMEA region in the VCT Stage-1 Masters Reykjavik, the first international LAN event of the year. BraveAF was in the Valorant squad as well. It remains to be seen if the Russian player will make it to Iceland or if he will be replaced by someone else due to the current situation.

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