"I'm more into Valorant than League of Legends": Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda at Riot's Arcane Global Premiere event

Mike Shinoda claims to be a Valorant fan (Image via Sportskeeda)
Mike Shinoda claims to be a Valorant fan (Image via Sportskeeda)

Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda claimed to be more invested in Valorant than League of Legends. The singer shared his views at the Global Premiere event at Riot's Arcane. Ardent fans of the musician knew about his love for the game. But this is the first time Shinoda has publicly spoken about it.

Valorant has been accruing a dedicated fanbase since its release last year. The unique playstyle of Riot's tactical shooter has attracted a diverse group of players. Many former CS: GO professionals have also switched to this title. Within a year of its release, Valorant had taken the esports ecosystem by storm.

Aside from several esports players, some celebrities have also endorsed the game. Shinoda is the latest to join the list.

Fans are excited to see Linkin Park x Valorant crossover

Shinoda is a well-known figure globally, given that the American musician is an integral part of Grammy-winning rock outfit Linkin Park. In a recent interview at the Global Premiere event of Riot's Arcane, the 44 years old admitted his love for Valorant over League of Legends. Both of Riot's titles have massive player bases.


In the interview at the Global Premiere event, Shinoda said:

"A few years ago when League of Legends was a little smaller, I wasn't that deep into that game. I am currently more deep into Valorant to be honest."

Fans have previously seen Shinoda streaming Valorant on his Twitch. However, watching him talk about the game at the global event of League of Legend's arcane was a delight for the fans.

A few months ago, Riot collaborated with Anton "Zedd" Zaslavski and introduced a new weapon skin bundle. Fans might likely get to experience a Linkin Park x Valorant crossover in the coming days.

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