"Like South America, Brazil has also shown a lot of potential": FURIA Mazin at VCT Champions 2022 in Istanbul

FURIA's Mazin at VCT Champions 2022 Istanbul (Image via Riot Games)

Brazilian Valorant esports team FURIA is back at the VCT Champions after they appeared last year in Champions 2021. They qualified for the VCT Champions 2022 Istanbul after winning the South American LCQ 2022.

The team has returned to the VCT with a new roster and strategy. Douglas “dgzin” Silva recently joined the squad in July 2022. They now have a talented set of players, including Matheus "Mazin," who has been a part of the team since June 2021.

FURIA started their match against DRX with a dominating performance. However, they lost momentum later on and were defeated by DRX.


FURIA Mazin on the team’s performance against DRX and their preparation for VCT Champions 2022

In an exclusive conversation with Pratiti Dhang of Sportskeeda Esports, Mazin talked about the team's performance after their loss against DRX at VCT Champions 2022.

Here's an excerpt of the conversation.

Q: FURIA started with a very dominant performance, but the team lost momentum towards the end of the first map, resulting in a loss. So what went wrong, according to you?

FURIA Mazin: When DRX started to get the upper hand, we couldn't respond appropriately. They built it up a lot of momentum, and we couldn't stop that either.


Q: FURIA attended their last LAN at Champions 2021. How does it feel to be back?

FURIA Mazin: Back then, both Brazil and South America were generally not that strong. But right now, in 2022, everybody has improved their game. South America and Brazil specifically have shown a lot of potential at an international level. There's currently not much of a gap if we compare international teams to Brazilian teams. We came here to showcase that we are on top and able to compete in international matches.

Q: Douglas “dgzin” Silva was the latest roster addition in July 2022. How has the experience with him been so far?

FURIA Mazin: Not only is he the best sniper that Brazil has come up with in the past few years, but he is also a very calm person. He adds a lot to the whole environment of the team. He's the kind of guy that's always trying to bring his best to the game.


Q: How have the preparations for the VCT Champions 2022 been?

FURIA Mazin: We ended up only having up to a week to sit down here in Europe and actually prepare. We would love to have had more time to sit down, like play more games and prepare better, but I'm pretty sure that we are doing the best that we can within the time frame and limitations we have.

Q: What can fans expect from you guys this time in the VCT Champions 2022 Istanbul?

FURIA Mazin: Sincerely speaking, I think it's very early to think about such a specific topic, and we just came in focused on representing our region well.

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