Valorant announces Crossover Event Pass to celebrate Pearl and show “Omega side of conflict”

Comic book-themed Player Cards will arrive with Valorant Episode 5 (Images via Riot Games)
Comic book-themed Player Cards will arrive with Valorant Episode 5 (Images via Riot Games)

Valorant will get a Crossover Event Pass with Episode 5 today, which will look to celebrate the launch of the shooter’s brand new map, Pearl. The pass will also commemorate the expansion of the game’s universe into Omega Earth, as Pearl is the first map set in Earth-2.

The developers will use the pass and the map as an opportunity to develop the mirrorverse lore of the shooter further. It is a kind of nostalgic trip down the memory lane for players and makes them remember what it was like when Valorant’s lore first introduced the concept.

To commemorate the entry into Omega Earth, Riot Games will introduce comic book covers as themed Player Cards with the event to shed more light on the other side of the conflict.

When talking about the covers, the developers stated that:

“The primary goal was to create a few key visuals to support the story, which was very much inspired by the PEARL map itself. Players don’t know much about the Omega side of this conflict, but it would be easy to assume they’re the ‘bad guys’ based on what we’ve seen. What better way to flip that expectation than to throw Alpha into a room literally filled with heroic images of the other side?”

Comic book-themed Player Cards to arrive with Valorant Episode 5


With the Episode 5 cinematic “Shattered,” Riot was able to incorporate a comic book shop not only in the video but also into Pearl, which will play a crucial role in the ongoing Valorant narrative.

To set the lore for the Omega Earth on the right foot, the developers will introduce comic book-themed Players Cards with the event pass. These cards are created by Jim Lee, currently the Publisher and Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics, along with other diverse groups of artists to create the stunning visual for the collectible.

There will be three Player Cards up for grabs during the Crossover Event Pass, one featuring killjoy and Raze, one wholly dedicated to Omen, and the final one having the Valorant Legion on it.


Some key features of the Event Pass are as follows:

  • Free
  • Seven levels

Content-wise, here is everything that players should look out for:

  • 2 Titles (“Dimensional” and “Double Agent”)
  • 3 Player Cards (Omen, Killjoy & Raze, and VALORANT Legion)
  • 2 Radianite Levels (20 RadP total)

The Crossover Event Pass will go live as soon as patch 5.0 drops later today with Episode 5 Act 1. Hence, it’s expected to be up from June 22, 2022, at 2.00 pm PT and last for three weeks, till July 13, 2022, at 2.00 pm PT.

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