Valorant developers confirm upcoming Viper changes to help her pick rate

Valorant developers confirm tweaks for Viper (Image via Riot Games)
Valorant developers confirm tweaks for Viper (Image via Riot Games)

After months of being the weakest agent in Valorant, the developers have finally taken notice of Viper's horribly low pick rate.

Viper is arguably one of the most difficult agents to operate in Valorant. Viper's impact on a game of Valorant can fluctuate, owing to her complex abilities. Players ranging from pros to newcomers have all faced trouble when it comes to playing Viper in public lobbies.

After being the lowest picked agent for three patches in succession, the developers have admitted to working on Viper. According to Valorbuff, pick rates for Viper in the last three patches of Valorant are:

  • Patch 1.11 - 10.4%
  • Patch 1.12 - 10.0%
  • Patch 1.14 - 9.7%

Valorant's least picked agent: Viper

Viper has faced heavy criticism from the Valorant community since the game's launch. Owing her highly complex abilities and extremely situational impact, Viper has always been one of the least-picked agents in Valorant.

Despite repeated cries from the community for rework, Riot Games had done well to dodge the topic so far.

This time tough, the release of the official patch notes for Valorant Episode 2 included a note regarding Viper from the developers. The developers started the message with a reminder for players that Viper will stay the same in Episode 2.

However, the developers admitted that they have their eyes on the agent and her pick rate.

The developers also acknowledged that Viper has been underperforming as a whole. Fortunately for the community, the message concluded with a confirmation of upcoming changes for Viper in the new year.

"We still believe she is underperforming as a whole and we’re looking at changes for her in the new year."

Viper could soon be receiving a much-needed rework to her abilities. Given the problems that the community has faced with Viper so far, the developers' priority will be to rework and simplify her abilities. Ideally, she'll have soon have a greater impactf in Valorant.

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