Valorant Episode 5 Dimension: New map, a dark sci-fi themed skin bundle, Battle Pass, and more

Episode 5 Dimension starts next week (Image via Sportskeeda)
Episode 5 Dimension starts next week (Image via Sportskeeda)

Riot will soon be launching the next Valorant Episode and players are eagerly waiting to step in and experience what is in store for them. Episode 5: Dimension will be available next week and will bring the game's eighth map, an edgy cosmetic bundle filled with chaos, Act 1 along with a fresh Battle Pass, and more.

Join us for Dia do Santuário–a celebration of PEARL: The wonder beneath the waves.

Episodes are significant time frames in Valorant, each bringing unique content and additions to the popular title and its ever-expansive lore. The upcoming Episode will be no different where, for the first time, players will get a glimpse of Omega Earth. This will likely be the start of a new narrative arc within the game.

Valorant players will get to experience Pearl, Prelude to Chaos, and more when Episode 5 Dimension arrives

Act 1 of Episode 5 Dimension will arrive next week on June 22. It will bring a plethora of new things for players to try out once the update goes live on servers. The biggest of them all is the new map, called Pearl, which will be the first one to be set on Omega Earth.

🔻 The Alpha-Omega Bridge is Open | 4.08 🔻New Main Menu!To Omega Earth we go.| #VALORANT

Players will surely remember that the Valorant Protocol team was trying to reconnect the Alpha-Omega bridge with the help of Neon. It was finally successful and they were able to send reconnaissance missions to the other side. Now, players will get to see for themselves how the other side of the mirror looks when they step into the wonder beneath the waves.

Riot recently released a map reveal for Pearl which showcased various sections of the upcoming map under a nightly glow. Viewers can faintly hear the voices of the Valorant Protocol in between an announcement from someone in the Kingdom Industries. The short clip is surely going to excite players as it builds anticipation for what Riot has in store for them.


The new Episode will also bring the Prelude to Chaos bundle. The cosmetic skin line is described as being forged in fire and destruction, embodying pure carnage and destruction. The skins have praiseworthy animation and custom audio, and will surely be something that players will love picking up when they come online.

Furthermore, Episode 5 Dimension will see the arrival of Act 1 and its Battle Pass. The Battle Pass will feature three unique skin lines, Shimmer, Spitfire and Task Force 809, covering a range of weapons, gun buddies, player cards, and sprays.

Next week is set to be a gala time for players with additions to not only cosmetic items and map counts but also new narratives to piece together and lore to explore. What awaits Valorant Protocol on Omega Earth? Only time will tell.

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