"Valorant Mobile is a big step for us and we want it done right": Sukamal Pegu on the shooter's portable version

Sukamal Pegu and Ashish Gupta shared their knowledge about Riot Game's mobile shooter (Image by Sportskeeda)
Sukamal Pegu and Ashish Gupta shared their knowledge about Riot Game's mobile shooter (Image by Sportskeeda)
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Valorant Mobile is one of the most anticipated games for portable platforms, which has been under development for a long time. With massive hype around the game, fans of the shooter game have always been curious about how it will turn out.

Keeping a similar shooter experience as the PC platform, Riot Games is trying to use their expertise with mobile development to make their franchises available to the majority.

During AMD Skyesports Souvenir Valorant LAN Championship, Sukamal Pegu revealed bits and pieces about the upcoming shooter title in an interview with Sportskeeda.

Being the Head of Publishing for India and Riot Games South Asia, Mr. Pegu even shared his excitement for the new franchise and teased what to expect from it. Along with him, Ashish Gupta, the Marketing Leader of Riot India, also joined the session.


At the venue of AMD Skyesports Souvenir Valorant LAN Championship, Pegu and Gupta shared their thoughts on Valorant Mobile

Q. Fans have been asking a lot about Valorant Mobile. Can you give us some insights about it?

Pegu: Valorant Mobile is a big step for us, and we want it done right. Valorant PC is fairly established in terms of what fan expectations were and how much we were able to deliver that.

Valorant Mobile is opening a new segment of fans that have most likely not played on PC, but they might have seen it. So their expectations are very different. At the same time, it is a different form factor.

We have to be careful about what experience they have for the game on mobile, and that also means that we will do multiple sets of rounds, like testing, to be able to frame. This is an experience of a tag shooter that we want our mobile fans to enjoy and appreciate.

It is a slightly longer process than building a PC game. We have limited experience delivering games on mobile, so we are also learning with Wild Rift. Hopefully, when we launch ValMobile, it will be the culmination of everything we have learned from Val PC and building games for mobile.


Gupta: India is a mobile-based country, and we have more mobile gamers than anyone on the whole globe. The expectations will be very high. We want to reach their expectations. Hence, it will take some time, and we are working very hard towards that.

Q. Valorant Mobile has been under development for a long time now. So, when can players expect it to ship? Is it close, or some more time is required?

Pegu: We would love to share dates and things like these with the community, but unfortunately, that is not something we should know for sure. So, we don’t want to create speculations, but we know that the team is working very hard. We have seen bits and pieces of what they are building, and it is exciting.

Will we be able to release it in the next couple of months? Definitely not, because it needs more to do before it is ready to ship. But we were able to see the development journey, and it is exciting for us to participate in that.

Also, as a region, we are super important when it comes to mobile gaming. We will see a lot more contributions from our region and our team when we build the mobile game for Valorant.

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