Valorant Patch 3.11 cancelled, next Patch 3.12 to arrive in two weeks

Valorant patch 3.11 won't drop, instead will have Patch 3.12 in two weeks. (Image via Riot Games)
Valorant patch 3.11 won't drop, instead will have Patch 3.12 in two weeks. (Image via Riot Games)

The Valorant Patch 3.11 drop has been canceled and the next Patch 3.12 will go live in two weeks, as developers take off for a break.

Riot devs have worked hard to keep the game engaging with new updates. Thus, Valorant has drastically gained popularity as one of the top FPS titles in one year. Also, the developers have brought new updates for Valorant players, and along with it, new changes and attempting to make the game bug-free.

Devs will take a breather this week, so there will be no Patch 3.11. Next update is in two weeks, with Patch 3.12.

The developers will be taking a break for a while, so Patch 3.11 won't drop in the game. Instead, Patch 3.12 will arrive directly to the game in two weeks.

Valorant Patch 3.12 arrives in two weeks

The latest Patch 3.10 update brought the new French Sentinel agent, Chamber, along with some more in-game features and major competitive changes. The new weapon skin bundle, Magepunk 2.0, was also brought to the store in the last Patch.

The Patch 3.12 is likely to drop on December 7, 2021 after two weeks with more in-game updates, features and bug fixes. Nothing has yet been confirmed about the things Valorant players might receive in the upcoming Patch.

The Valorant community is eagerly awaiting some major agent changes, especially Yoru and Omen buffs. While Yoru buffs have been indefinitely delayed, the Omen buff rumors have spread all over the internet. However, Riot devs have not spoken up about any agent changes in Valorant yet. Furthermore, there is also no official information about any upcoming features arriving in Valorant.


Meanwhile, instead of the Patch 3.12 update, Riot Devs will bring a new weapon skin line based on the Valorant Champions 2021, starting off in December 2021. The Champions 2021 skin bundle will arrive in stores on November 22, 2021 and will remain in stores until the tournament ends on December 12, 2021. The skinline won't be released with any Patch in Valorant.

Nothing more about Patch 3.12 has been officially revealed by the Riot Games, nor leaked by prominent dataminers. Players will have to await until further information about the next Valorant patch is revealed.

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