VCT Champions 2022 Istanbul Grand Finals: LOUD secures title for Brazil

VCT Champions 2022 Istanbul Grand Finals Recap (Image via Riot Games)
VCT Champions 2022 Istanbul Grand Finals Recap (Image via Riot Games)

The VCT Champions 2022 Istanbul has concluded with the Grand Finals taking place on September 18. On the last day of the event, LOUD played against OpTic Gaming in a best-of-five format and won. The squad now holds the title of Champions 2022 Istanbul.

This year's VCT featured the best teams and players from the entire world. Fans saw some of them and others fall, and it was an experience worthy of appreciation. When the stakes were the highest, LOUD managed to eliminate OpTic Gaming in the Grand Finals, placing the latter as the runners-up in the event. The last stage offered many highlights and gave fans a winner, so it's worth looking at some of them.

Highlights from VCT Champions 2022 Istanbul Grand Finals

  • LOUD vs. OpTic Gaming - Ascent (15-13), Bind (6-13), Breeze (16-14), and Haven (13-5).

LOUD wins it all


In the Grand Finale of VCT Champions 2022 Istanbul, LOUD went up against OpTic Gaming and secured the first map in overtime. OpTic responded to the loss strongly on the second map, which they won with a huge score gap. The Brazilian side did not lose their spirit and won the third map in overtime. Switching gears, LOUD took an aggressive approach and overwhelmed the opposition on Haven, map four, winning the Champions title.

Map ban sequence

  • LOUD banned Pearl
  • LOUD banned Fracture
  • LOUD picked Ascent
  • OpTic picked Bind
  • LOUD picked Breeze
  • OpTic picked Haven
  • Icebox selected as the 5th (Decider) Map.

LOUD Less secures round with 4K


In round nine on Ascent, map one, LOUD Less took out four of OpTic`s players trying to aggressively push the Brazlian team and held down the fort for his squad.

LOUD Sacy scores his own 4K


In round 27 on Ascent, map one, LOUD Sacy single-handedly killed three OpTic players defending B-Site. He planted the spike while the time ticked away and managed to eliminate the final enemy, securing one round off of match point with only three HP remaining at the end.

OpTic Gaming yay secures crucial round


In round nine on Bind, map two, OpTic yay got to display his excellent mechanical skills, with which he got the better of three LOUD players as an attacker. Yay secured a very important round that crippled the opposition's economy.

LOUD aspas pulls off impossible clutch


In round 16 on Bind, Map two, LOUD aspas survived the claws of OpTic yay and got the better of him. He was then stuck in a 1v3 situation with the time running out. Aspas managed to take down two enemies in quick succession and eliminated the last one just in the nick of time to secure the round.

LOUD Less takes Ace


In round 15 on Haven, Map four, LOUD Less decided to take matters into his own hands and barge into C-Site. He took the first kill towards Defender Entry and meticulously played inside the smoke. He managed to take out another enemy, followed by two more, through the smoke while spamming both his primary rifle and handgun near Defender Spawn.

The VCT Champions 2022 Istanbul concluded, and LOUD shone the brightest. They won the tournament and brought the Champions trophy to Brazil. It was truly a match-up that inspired an adrenaline rush even in viewers watching the VCT event's livestream.

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Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh
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