"We are lacking communication right now" - Bazzi reflects on Global Esports' biggest obstacle in VCT 2023: Pacific League

GE Bazzi in VCT 2023: Pacific League (Image via Flickr)
GE Bazzi in VCT 2023: Pacific League (Image via Flickr)

Week 8, Day 4 of VCT 2023: Pacific League has finally ended. The day saw two intense and thrilling matches. First, T1 went head-on against DRX. In the second match, Global Esports clashed with Team Secret. The first match was won by DRX with a score of 2-0. The narrative didn't change for the second match as well, with Team Secret winning the clash against Global Esports with a score of 2-0.

After the match between Global Esports and Team Secret concluded, Rishabh Kalita from Sportskeeda Esports got the exclusive opportunity to interview Bazzi. Park "Bazzi" Jun-ki is a professional Valorant player from South Korea who currently plays for Global Esports. During the interview, the esports athlete shared several intriguing insights into their match against Team Secret, his most significant takeaways, and more.

GE Bazzi talks about his match against Team Secret, the most challenging team he has faced in VCT 2023: Pacific League, and more


Q. Looking back on today’s match, what are your thoughts on your performance?

Bazzi: I think I was kind of short of my performances for today.

Q. Did you encounter any plays or tactics by Team Secret today that might have caught you guys off-guard?

Bazzi: So, we actually knew a lot of strats that Team Secret were going to do, but we couldn't counter today.

Q. This game was one of the most crucial matches for GE to secure a spot in the Playoffs. What did Global Esports’ preparations look like heading into the match?

Bazzi: We did a lot of preparations for this match and also for future matches as well, but for today, it was kind of unfortunate that we saw this kind of result.

Q. Despite having an early lead, what do you think went wrong on Haven today?

Bazzi: I think we could've dragged the momentum to the last moment, but we couldn't do well.

Q. What was your biggest takeaway from today’s match?

Bazzi: The communication that we actually did in the match,

[So, did you mean you guys need to fix the comms?]


Q. Having faced all the teams in the Pacific League, which team do you think was the most difficult to play against and why?


Bazzi: For me, it's Paper Rex. Whenever they play matches, they just go for it and kill everybody. They also have some insane shots.

Q. In your opinion, what do you think the team currently lacks that’s preventing them from being the best in the Pacific?

Bazzi: So the first thing is that we need to adapt to the tournament's environment as soon as possible, and secondly, the communication. We are lacking communication right now, and that's what we need to fix. So if we fix those, we are going to be the best.

Q. What do you like to do in your free time when you are not playing Valorant?

Bazzi: So I like to take my car outside and have some fun. Also, drinks sometimes that I like to have with my friends [laughs].

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