NRG Valorant pro hurls abuse to a Twitch streamer after getting killed in Escape From Tarkov

NRG Valorant Pro hurls abuse to a Twitch streamer in a rage after getting killed in Escape From Tarkov
NRG Valorant Pro hurls abuse to a Twitch streamer in a rage after getting killed in Escape From Tarkov
Satyaki Das
Modified 18 Feb 2021

NRG's Valorant roster may go under change due to toxicity spread by the IGL 'Infinite' after getting killed in Escape from Tarkov.

Twitch streamer OskeeGee was streaming a game of Escape from Tarkov, during which he managed to take down NRG's Gage 'Infinite' Green. However, Infinite did not take this lightly. He lashed out at the Twitch streamer in his chat section.

Frustrated after being killed, the Valorant professional hurled abuse at the streamer, blaming him for 'camping' on the map.'

OskeeGee immediately approached Twitter to complain about the behavior. He went on to say how toxicity should not exist in gaming. Especially in this case since getting killed in a video game is a common thing faced by every gamer.

The NRG pro mentions how the organization pays him, which the streamer might never achieve. However, considering the blame that the streamer was camping in the game, it turns out he wasn't doing it at all. Here's a clip from the live stream of exactly when he killed Infinite.

Following the incident, gamers approached Infinite's Twitter account to roast him. Haters replied with abuse to the Valorant pro, which was not liked by the streamer, which made him urge his fans not to.

NRG are planning to apply changes to the Valorant roster to replace Infinite

While many predicted possible Valorant roster changes by the North American organization, the incident may finalize the deal.

Valorant Esports Reporter Arran 'Halo' Space also suspected a potential change to the roster to replace Infinite. This was because of Infinite's hand surgery and subsequent announcement of not participating in the Valorant Champions Trophy anymore.

Infinite was the latest member of NRG. He made his shift from CS: GO to Valroant to complete NRG's Valorant roster. However, judging by the scenario around now, it seems he might not return to the team at all. However, there have been no statements about the incident from Infinite or NRG.

Earlier, Halo mentioned how NRG was interested in bringing Braxton "Brax" Pierce and Kevin "AZK" Larviêre on board. However, he later denied the claim. Looking at the circumstances, NRG may try to find a permanent replacement for Infinite.

Hopefully, NRG will take the necessary actions about the incident and make the gaming community better worldwide.

Published 18 Feb 2021
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