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Player fired for disrespecting Cloud 9's female pro, Mel

More instances of sexism and harassment towards women in the industry are (Image via Cloud9 Valorant)
More instances of sexism and harassment towards women in the industry are coming out (Image via Cloud9 Valorant)
Modified 18 Dec 2020, 10:18 IST

Erra from Team Meraki made a disrespectful remark towards Cloud 9 pro, Melanie "Mel" Capone, and the ordeal was caught live on stream.

C9 Mel joined a Valorant match when a player, who turned out to be Erra, made a sexist comment towards Mel. Right away, he got her attention, saying, "You want to f***?"

There's then an awkward silence for a bit as Mel seemed to be shocked by the comment made.

When she confronted Erra about the comment, he changed what he said to, "Do you suck?" and was adamant on that version of the statement. However, Mel seemed to ignore the comment until Erra asked the question again.

She then wondered why he was asking only her instead of others in the lobby or on the team.

C9 Mel comments and the outcome for Erra

The whole incident was caught live on stream, and it seems likely that Erra had no idea who he was talking to when he first made the comment. It appears he realized fairly quickly that the person he was talking to was C9 Mel, who happens to be one of the best female Valorant players in the world, and also has a significant following.


As the clip ended, C9 Mel told the team not to make any nasty comments as she was streaming live for a full audience. Whatever was said wouldn't be private, but it was too late at that point.

Afterward, Mel tweeted out, commenting on what happened by first saying, "Why do idiots think it's ok to act like this."

After the clip circulated and enough people saw it, Team Meraki took relatively swift action. Erra is a part of Team Meraki Valorant, and the team confirmed on Twitter that he was no longer part of the organization.

Team Meraki stated:

"Due to recent interactions with Mel, we are kicking Erra off the team. He will no longer be associated with TMK."

Later on, Mel tweeted again to praise Riot Games, regardless of the situation. She claimed that almost all of her games in Radiant Ranked are great and positive experiences. She believes Riot has done a great job with harassment despite some incidents happening here and there.

Mel didn't seem shaken up by the incident and is optimistic about most of her games in Valorant. However, this does shed some needed light on potentially sexist comments in competitive matches.

Published 18 Dec 2020, 10:18 IST
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