Pokimane teases and asks Sykkuno if he wants to date her

During a recent Among Us stream, Pokimane asked Sykkuno if he wanted to date her
During a recent Among Us stream, Pokimane asked Sykkuno if he wanted to date her

Imane Pokimane Anys is one of the most popular streamers at the moment, who has amassed millions of followers over her streaming career.

The 24-year old has risen steadily through the ranks to emerge as one of the most well-known faces on the internet, known for her reaction/gameplay videos as well as interactions with fans.

Being an eminent personality, Pokimane is used to having every aspect of her life under constant public scrutiny. This is especially true of her relationship status, a constant source of speculation among her 'simp' fans.

So much so that the Twitch streamer ended up receiving flak online after ex-YouTuber LeafyIsHere's claimed that she has a boyfriend. While that episode seems to have subsided for the time being, there is no doubt that 'Pokimane's boyfriend' continues to be a matter of great interest and aversion for her army of fans.

Recently, during an Among Us live stream, fans seemed to have found a new couple to 'ship' when she hilariously teased fellow online personality Sykkuno by asking him if he's trying to date her.

As the rest of the lobby joined in, a visibly embarrassed Sykkuno ended up blushing in response, as Pokimane and the others gushed over him.

Pokimane's boyfriend — Sykkuno?


Sykkuno is a half-Chinese, half-Vietnamese Twitch streamer with almost 800K followers, who streams games such as Valorant and Among Us.

He is also known to have a considerable female fan-following on account of his shy, endearing demeanor and camaraderie with his friends.

During said Among Us stream, Pokimane also stated that she's willing to give gifted subs to Sykkuno, which he politely declined and says:

"No, no, it's okay, you know Poki, if it made you smile, then that's enough for me."

This caused the entire lobby to respond with a collective 'aww' as they gushed over his sweetness. In return, Pokimane teasingly commented:

"Wow, you trying to date or something?"

In another segment, streamers such as Corpse, CouRage, and Disguised Toast ended up hilariously teasing a visibly confused Sykkuno. CouRage commented:

"Sykkuno, have you been cheating on me? Sykkuno really gets around!"

To which the Asian streamer innocently responded:

"Guys, I just joined the call. What's happening? Great to see you guys again?"

With her recent troll, Pokimane certainly seemed to cater to both their fans' wishes when she teased Sykkuno dating her.

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