Problems with veteran callouts and what CT means in Valorant

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)
Subhradeep "Bucketbaba" Mukherjee

Riot Game’s latest brainchild, Valorant, is the latest addition to the competitive FPS genre.

The idea of competitive gameplay has been used in the past. As far as a free-to-play hero shooter goes, Valorant has done a solid job in giving its players a new experience. It has also been a treat for seasoned veterans of shooter games, .

Players have also joined Valorant from various other competitive shooter games like Counter Strike Global Offensive. Several veteran callouts have also made their way through to Valorant along with the player base.

However, for newer players, it is an annoyance since they can’t even figure out what some of these callouts stand for.

For players, who haven’t played any other multiplayer shooter game before, the callout "CT" seems a bit obscure, and it leaves them with many questions as to what it means.

Here’s what the callout "CT" means in Valorant.

What does CT mean in Valorant?

With the influx of older players in Valorant, most of them tend to shout about ‘CT’ without a general thought towards what the younger and newer players would make out of it.

The term ‘CT’ is from the iconic Valve title Counter Strike, and it spells out "Counter Terrorist," those who are enforced to guard the two bomb sites in every single match against the "Terrorists."

But as for the question, ‘CT’ in Valorant also stands for those who guard the bases against the attackers who threaten to plant the spike at one of those bases. In short, ‘CT’ in Valorant stands for the "Defenders" in the game.

Even though it shouldn’t be much of an annoyance, the number of times a player has to listen to that term these days has become a bit of a situation since the term wasn’t even born out of this game.

Screengrab via Reddit
Screengrab via Reddit

One could always argue that since the roles of the "Defenders" in Valorant are the same as that in Counter Strike for the "CTs,” but it doesn’t make it less of a problem for those who are not familiar with such terms. Even though Counter Strike has had its glory in reinvigorating the multiplayer shooter genre in a number of countries throughout the world, but for players who don’t know it, hearing the term "CT" countless times in Valorant can be a slight letdown.

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