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Recent datamining leaks suggest Valorant to get ranked system, like League of Legends

A ranked system coming to Valorant? (Image via Riot Games)
A ranked system coming to Valorant? (Image via Riot Games)
Modified 22 Dec 2020

It’s not fresh news that Valorant’s competitive mode needs a lot of work to satisfy players' needs.

And the growing issues with both smurfing and boosting are making matchmaking in rank quite a toxic experience, which a large portion of a Valorant player base do not want to be part of.

Fortunately, Riot Games is aware of these issues and has previously talked about making significant changes to the competitive mode. Some of the more recent discussions around the ranked mode, and datamined leaks, suggest that there will be a complete system overhaul in the coming months.

The excavated data strings point that Valorant’s “Arrow-up/Arrow-down” system will be abolished and replaced by the numbered LP system currently present in Riot’s MOBA, League of Legends.

To cement the hypothesis further, Valorant’s friendly neighborhood data miner, Valorant Leaks, added a few more strings to the data that has already been mined. He suggested that these are files already present in the game but not visible to players.

Valorant gearing up for a competitive system like League of Legends

In a recent tweet, Valorant Leaks noted:

“Seems that you can now see your progress for your rank progression, this could be in preparation for a new ranking system? Who knows, for instance, I lost my match so I lost points. I went from 64 Points to 42 Points, I am assuming the goal is 100 points. #VALORANT.”

The data miner even shared a picture of all the recent strings and brought the following leaked files to the community’s notice:

  • TierProgressAfterUpdate: 42
  • TierProgressBefore Update: 64
  • RankedRatingEarned: 0
  • CompetitiveMovement: Decrease

In a follow-up tweet, Valorant Leaks said that the LP number changes had been done, and the shooter will allow gamers to view their Competpoint status in an upcoming update.

Published 22 Dec 2020, 09:50 IST
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