Riot Games announces reveal date for Fade, the new Initiator Agent of Valorant Episode 4 Act 3

Riot Games to reveal Fade during the VCT Stage 1 Masters Grand Finals (Image via Riot Games)
Riot Games to reveal Fade during the VCT Stage 1 Masters Grand Finals (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant will be receiving a brand new Initiator operator, Fade, in Episode 4 Act 3, which was codenamed, Bounty Hunter. Hailing from Turkey, the agent will be bringing a brand new set of unique abilities that will possibly change the way people play this shooter.

This new update will also arrive with a new map, extending the already existing map pool. However, the upcoming agent is one of the most intriguing things for players as it would dictate how they can play the game.

Since the operator has gained enough hype, Riot Games will reveal more about her on April 24, during the Valorant S1 Masters Reykjavik Grand Final airing.

More information on Valorant’s next agent, Fade, will be revealed next week

On the current roster of agents, the game has four specialists: Sova, Skye, KAY/O, and Breach. With the addition of a new agent, there will be five Initiators, who will maintain the same motive of initiating fights.

Riot Games have previously hinted at this agent with Valorant’s 4.07 update as it brought a few changes to the Range. However, that only covers the lore aspect of the agent.

Additionally, data miners have managed to get some information about the agent in the past, and here is everything that is known.

The new agent will come with four different abilities named Prowler, Seize, Haunt, and Nightfall. Here is how each of these abilities can function:

  • Prowler (C) - Unleashes a creature that travels in a straight line to reveal enemies or trails. This creature can be steered like Phoenix or Jett’s abilities by holding the left mouse button. The creature takes up a 0.5-second cook time and near sights enemies for 3 seconds on finding an enemy.
  • Seize (Q) - Equips an orb that can be thrown to capture enemies in place near its 7-meter range. This can function slightly like Astra’s gravity well, but it is still to be confirmed.
  • Haunt (E) - Fade uses a throwable orb that turns into an eye to reveal foes in its sight and applies a debuff for 12 seconds. However, just like Reyna’s ability, this can be destroyed too.
  • Nightfall (X) - Fade unleashed a dark mist in which enemies will be left deaf and decayed for 12 seconds. This also applies a trail on enemies for teammates to hunt them down.

Her abilities seem to be a mix of many agents’ abilities in the game. However, Fade does remain unique in her own way. Fans can expect to see these abilities in action during the game’s upcoming reveal and might get an idea of how they can play with her.

As for her looks, the agent gives off a dark vibe like that of Reyna and might play a villainous role in the Valorant Protocol. However, her motives are still unclear to the lore community of the game.

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Edited by Yasho Amonkar